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  1. Hey Dave, I think the arguments are more nuanced than that, especially with the commentary of "fair-use" and that it's not being sold for profit. I would contend that sharing low-resolution versions of the images, for the purpose of research (the reason for this forum) would constitute fair-use, and as others have mentioned, ARC does not have active advertising on the forums which help reinforce this fact. Ultimately it's the motivations behind why the photos would be posted that determine the infringement - I'm sure that Steve is just trying to cover all the bases by making sure that this t
  2. Hey Miccara, Thanks for the hard work in putting something like this together - I've only flipped through it so far, but looks good - it's always great to see someone else's thought process when they're building, and I may pick up some other workbench tricks, too. Didn't have a problem downloading - the file hit 811Kb on download before it finished! Cheers, danse.
  3. Sorry for the slight detour: In case you haven't gotten your Epson working yet, here's the link for the CX6400 off of Epson USA's Driver Support site. Epson has actually been one of the 3rd party printer companies that have good Mac support - I've been using Epsons with my Macs for the last 15 years. To the question at hand: I don't like to longhand the calculation, either, and would love the handiness of a widget / app. That said, if I get around to a spreadsheet, I might do that, too (but fractions to decimals are a pain).
  4. Right-o. Which Mod should we send a message to, to shift the threads from the GB to the In-Progress critique area? And while I'm at it, how do you change the title of your thread, and the sub-title? I could never find a link to do that... Am I correct in thinking that June 2 is when all the unfinished threads get deleted and only the completed model posts remain? (illithid00 mentioned ARC imploding before... too many threads?) And if so, would today / tomorrow be the time to copy our posts to a new thread in the In-Progress area if a Mod doesn't move the original thread? I think it's a gre
  5. Yeah, I tried joining... twice, after they revamped their forums. Didn't get a response to activate my account either time. I've given up on them, and will focus on ARC instead.
  6. Would robots be fine, then? Mobile Suits / Gundam etc? They were developed as walking tanks... I guess autos of any type & flavor would qualify? I'm just lloking at my stash and thinking what I do with the GB. What say the powers that be?
  7. Perhaps from a North American point of view? I don't think Macross 7 made it big here (or even made it at all, except for Fansubs) but it's basically the modern version of the original Macross series, with a TV series (49 episodes vs. SDF Macross' 36 eps), a movie, and something like 2 or 3 follow-up OAVs and countless music albums. I'd dare say that the average 20-something in Japan (who's probably the core audience for Hasegawa) would identify more with the VF-19, as it was one of the the premiere fighters for all the iterations of Macross 7 (The VF-22s being piloted by Max and Milia). AND
  8. I'm game for a What-If GB II - I like ChernayaAkula's idea of an annual or 1.5 annum GB. Illithid00 - what's a ProBoards forum? Would it link to ARC or be entirely separate? And would we continue the builds in the ended GB forum, or move / repost the progress in the Sci-Fi / Jet Modelling / Airliner forums? So many questions! It's my first GB...
  9. Thanks, ixgr1! was looking for heat shrink as one of the options for making the intake tubing, originally, but couldn't find the diameter that would fit... and were only available in black in my neck o'the woods... Will tackle the remaining compressor face tonight, along with starting the cockpit.
  10. I here that - in the middle of a move, too. An extension would be great!
  11. And onto making the turbine faces for the end of the intakes. See those pokes? The result of me trying to find a good matching pair of tip for the turbines. From the sushi tray, too! I used a non-sharp pencil crayon and poked the sushi tray that I heated with the heat gun until I found a shape that I was satisfied with. I've cut out circles from styrene and sanded 16 turbine blades into the circle... I know it's not enough, but I think it'll look alright once I paint it up. Comments? Feedback? Boulders heaved in my general direction?
  12. Right-o. So, like my post on my hypersonic Avro Arrow, I'll mention that if I don't finish this build before the GB ends, I promise to continue this thread. Onward! Opening up the hellhole behind the cockpit... I can't decide whether to continue with the vinyl tube intakes, or try to get these to work... styrene intake ducts I've installed on the lower part of the Blue Angels Hornet, instead of continuing with the vinyl tubing in the grey Hornet! Thoughts? Maybe I should just finish off with the vinyl tubing as we're near the end of the GB and it's further along? To shape this, I used a
  13. ONTO the WINGS.... I've added a brace so the bottom of the wing won't collapse into the cavity. I put the brace where I'll end up separating the wing for the Waverider component. You'll also see that I've closed up the MLG doors; the fit here was surprisingly decent; only a little few sanding tweaks here and there for a snug fit, and a teeny bit of putty needed on the outside to clean the edges up. Hobbycraft also included little seating pins for the doors which can be knocked off if you're going to keep the doors open. Here's the major bits that I've got to put together... the wings are p
  14. Ohhhh it's been a number of weeks, and life gets in the way... but here's an update. If anyone's still following this build, I don't abandon it if the GB ends before I finish! So, here goes: One thing I can't stand is the incomplete detailing of the intake trunking (as evidenced in my other build - the Stealth Hornet) so I started cutting away the intake blanks in the Hobbycraft molds. Here's a top shot of the opened up intake blanks, and holes made in the stock first rib support. Intake ducting will be installed thru the openings. Had some ideas about a COFFIN type system (adopted fr
  15. Crazy cool! Papercraft files for the Yukikaze fighters? Yes, please! Do you want PMs?
  16. Hey thanks for the comments! I'll be scratchbuilding and not pulling from the Super Hornet... though I wonder if parts will look like the Rhino when I'm done...Hmmm.
  17. I've got the Platz 1/72 Resin kit (too) and just compared it to the CF-105 Arrow that's on my bench. The Arrow was 78ft long (compared to the Tomcat or Eagle, at about 63ft - !) and the Super Sylph is bigger than the Arrow :o My estimate is that the Super Sylph is about 85ft long, which would scale out at 21.25 inches!?
  18. Now I don't know why... (probably 'cause it was late?) but I got it into my head that I couldn't use the top fuselage of the kit, and so I grabbed the top fuselage from the Blue Angels Hasegawa kit that I was going to use for my FSW Hornet.... and proceeded to modify it. I split the LERXs away from the fuselage to lower them; my goal is to get the tip of the LERXs to the centre of the fuselage (as designed / moulded, they're about 80% of the way up). Anyway, here's the result: I want to use the LERX's as part of the structure to create the stealth Hornet... so all I've got to do now are
  19. Right-o. Here's an update! More to come tomorrow... After three tries, I've got the fuselage cleaned up & rescribed to my satisfaction; once I prime it, I'll look for further imperfections. For those who are gonna build the Hobbycraft Arrow in 72nd.... sinkmarks and non-alignments galore! Here's the port side. And the starboard side with the nose section... I think I'll have to clamp the nose tip. Finally, here's my -nearly- finished plan for the Arrow! The cockpit hasn't been updated - I've got some ideas coming. The canards are full movable surfaces, along with the stabilators
  20. So here's the last thing I'm going to upload tonight: I started with plans that I've got for the Arrow, and put them into Illustrator. Then I started adding the outline from Whitcomb's version: I then added the structural members (I think I may have gone overboard) as well as the diverter-less supersonic inlets and the scramjet engines. At this point, I've finally realised where the Whitcomb idea might have come from: the XB-70. The canards are quite thin and I've read that these types of canards are for creating lift only, and not for maneuverability. I'll have to rethink the an
  21. Hello everyone! I've gotten the mods to move this thread out of the What-If GB and into the In-Progress area, as I didn't finish in time for the GB, but I want to continue with the build. So, just ignore the references to the GB and all will be well! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And here's my second contribution to the group build. These two builds are my first in 15 years! If the Canadian Gov't decided to opt out of purchasing the JSF (still keeping the training programs) and decided to support domestic aeronautic companies... the decision was made to use the keel of the ex
  22. Here's a photo of my two projects together. Jeez. I know that the Arrow was bigger than most modern aircraft, but that's extreme. Here's a photo that's more of a plan view to compare the size of the Hornet to the Arrow. Hard to believe there's 30 years separating them!
  23. Hello everyone! I've gotten the mods to move this thread out of the What-If GB and into the In-Progress area, as I didn't finish in time for the GB, but I want to continue with the build. So, just ignore the references to the GB and all will be well! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Here's (hopefully) the first of my contributions to the group build. If Canada hadn't cancelled the Arrow, and continued with engine and airframe developments to improve the interceptor concept, this is where I envision the Arrow would have ended up. Originally inspired by RL Whitcomb's silhouette:
  24. Hey guys... Have been trying to get the various 'net resources together before submitting my planned builds. Just wanna make sure that I'm alright joining in with less than 2 months to go... Started work on them (in earnest) about 3 weeks ago. All are 1/72 scale. Plans are: 1. Avro Arrow Mk. 6 - if Canada had produced the Arrow and continued modifications on the airframe & powerplants. Inspired by: 2. Canadian-updated CF-18 - using the existing airframe / keel to make a new stealthy model. Inspired by: (If I have time) 3. Forward Swept Wing CF-18 - modified airframe with low-ob
  25. I voted for the underdog, mainly 'cause future-type airframe conversions are frakkin' cool and thrust vectoring is always an added bonus!
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