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  1. Desertpilot - looking good so far - is your build in 1/144? 1/72? Settled on VF-84 / VF-103?
  2. Ah ha! Found (what I think is) the site! You'll need to have a poke around to find the papercraft of your choice (webmaster's directive, not mine). It'd be good to see some anti-AMS Mk.IIs showing up in the forums... Cheers, danse.
  3. That's pretty sweet! Any chance you can provide a URL so we can all get in on the action? Nothing like a squadron of Vipers for the price of ink and paper!
  4. Thanks, Mike, for being so upfront about it! Best of luck with your future products. Cheers, danse.
  5. LOL It's only us dorks with AMS and a fixation on something "challenging" that'll gleefully scribe away! danse.
  6. Hey there. You're close - I had it matched from an EPS that I DL'd from a Government of Canada site; The typeface (from the DL) is Baskerville Old Face. There seem to be different versions of the logotype as I've seen it with a thicker outline, as well. If you Google "canada logo fip" you'll get some government site hits which will allow you to DL the whole logo including the flag above the last "a". EPS, jpg, TIFF should all be available. (fip, or FIP is short for Canada's Federal Identity Program, and defines how all things from gov't cars to letterhead to buildings are identified.) Cheers
  7. Hey Mike, Don't want to pry into your business workings - though I had a question. Does this mean that we should ask Eric for Fans, and hopefully he'll make-'em when he has the time? (i.e. where'd the masters go, if it's not too impertinent to ask...?) I'll be looking at your European stuff, so no worries there. Cheers, danse.
  8. Hey Mike, Are the links up yet? I can't seem to find them on the twomikes site. Also, if the Eric Mark's sets are still in production, will you be able to come in around Eric's price range and flexibility? I remember the various Fan sets were $10 from Eric and we could mix-and-match the different S-3 blade types (say 3 early and 1 late, or 1 early and 1 late) as engines were mix and matched on the aircraft, too. Possible? Cheers, danse.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the Hasegawa Limited Release with Leading Edge decals and resin? I put this in my stash about 2 years ago! Good news on the Egg Planes, though. Everyone needs some anti-AMS stuff now and again.
  10. Dang! Looks like I'll have to make more space for Macross Frontier kits!
  11. I'm voting for either #6 Top Right (riffs of Top Gun) or #6 4th Right (Carrier - reminds me of a Tom Clancy book cover). Both work for packaging as they're more horizontal than square - takes up less space on the package, can be used as a header. Strong and simple visual images. Will also be able to print the carrier version in B & W only, too. I've got no idea of the etymology of Steel Beach, but when I think of a carrier, it makes a certain connection with the company name. Cheers, danse.
  12. danse

    TA-4J TA-4F

    Just a curiosity - and I haven't done ANY research into this - would it not be possible to take the Monogram OA-4M and convert it to a TA-4F/J? The Monogram kits are typically quite accurate and quite good except for the raised panel lines.... [Ducks and runs for cover]
  13. Also, Starship Modeler's store has one (1!) VF-0D in stock (as of April 14) if you're looking for it.... http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/index.cfm?f...;category_id=61 danse.
  14. LOL. Best. Description. Ever. Anthony, if you're still looking for the Macross kits, Gundam Store and More has a sale on Macross kits they've got: http://www.gundamstoreandmore.com/macvalmodkit.html Figured you wanted to stay in CONUS to save on shipping... I've got access to some Macross kits in Toronto, but they're a little pricey! Seems the Gundam Store only have the VF-1's, but there are differences in the boxings: VF-1D - has PE in the box, and is the only two-seater - not sure if the PE is the same as the dedicated PE upgrade, or if it's a reduced set (don't have the kit in front
  15. The VF-0's (S, D and B) are all from Macross Zero, a prequel mini-series produced in 2002-3, and "reverse-engineered" to look like the VF-1's (which were designed in 1982-3). The VF-1 series of aircraft and the VF-0S should still be available from various on-line sellers (HLJ, Gundam and More, Rainbow 10, 1999.co.jp etc...) however the VF-0B and D kits are limited edition, and only spot-runs. Grab'em while you can. The VF-19 is also available as a prototype (same mold, different decals) with the designation YF-19. You can also get the YF-19's competitor in the prototype race, which looks like
  16. A pair of F-5F's (Monogram circa 1982) along with a Cutting Edge 48th F-16 Peace Marble Spine from evilbay. Woohoo for 2-pits!
  17. Varsol is a specific brand of paint thinner - if it's named, then it has a certain percentage of petroleum distillates and purity, as opposed to regular, generic, paint thinners. It's not a laquer thinner as these two things are different. It's very strange that the Alclad reacted to the varsol, too, as I thought that was a laquer.... Did you apply the future with an airbrush? Perhaps the future coating wasn't thick enough and allowed the thinner to attack the alclad directly? I've read that some people recommend the Poly Scale clear coats - perhaps you can give that a go... Good luck! dans
  18. Pity that Hasegawa hasn't engineered this for a two-seat option.
  19. danse

    F/A-18D help..

    Wow! Thanks Dave. two last questions: if the spacing is 1" between the centre antenna and the middle antenna (at the back) and 1.25" between the middle antenna and the outboard antenna (at the back) would you have the distances for the spacing at the front? Something like .75" and 1"? Or is this splaying effect just because of the fuselage? I guess we could just eyeball the angles, too... My nit-picky mind just wants to know! And.... The antennae are trapezoidal, right? Looking from the port / starboard, is the top dimension smaller than the base? Driving you crazy, yet, with the questions?
  20. danse

    F/A-18D help..

    Perfect info! Any chance of measuring the offsets from antenna to antenna? From all the photos, they look to be spaced further apart "stem to stern", spreading apart at the base of the canopy. Glad you posted the specs, Dave, as I've some PE, and it just doesn't capture the thickness dimension of the antennae. Cheers, danse.
  21. LOL whatever you do, it won't be bad - and in case it does go a little south, don't post pics (unless they demonstrate a point) and please describe the issues you encountered with the Lion Roar set... perhaps even as a "abandon all hope, ye who enter here..." kinda message! But I'm sure whatever you do will be fine. Have confidence! Cheers, danse.
  22. Sweet photo. Hadn't seen that one before - I like the numbers inside the doors as well as the catches. Didn't notice those before. Will you be posting progress pics of the Lion Roar build? Cheers, danse.
  23. Well, my "extend" comment wasn't really correct - the overall length is still the same. I've seen people rebuild the entire shock absorber with various diameters of brass, aluminium rod and styrene. Possibly easier is to take really thin styrene sheet (say - .002") to build up the difference and then putty / sand to match? Anyone else have mod-ideas to help Chuck out? What other research material have you amassed? Any of them online? (i.e. willing to share URLs? LOL.) Cheers, danse.
  24. Mmmm. If you can find any of the white-box Hornets. Hasegawa seems to be in one of those "we'll only release this kit with a special decal" modes right now... and they're all more expensive than Academy's new offering (!) Various HK shops are selling the Academy for HK$144 vs. HK$158 for the current Hasegawa offerings, which translates to about CDN$1.80 less for the Academy kit. But, if you're happy with the older molding, and you can find it around, then more power to ya! Actually, if you're interested, I'm looking to off-load some of my Hase Hornets! LOL. Cheers, danse.
  25. Don't forget to reverse (and extend) the main landing gear shock absorbers. CAF Hornets used different shocks and are often overlooked in the conversions. When extending, the overall length remains the same, but the larger cylinder nearly covers the entire oleo, and the placard is in a different location. There were photos from 2004-5 - perhaps Pig, Tilt or others that have resources can post links as the older links are now broken. If you look for photos of the Canadian Hornets, you'll see the difference with the MLGs. I've got the Lion Roar PE set as well, but it'll be a while until I get t
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