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  1. Thank you. I also like the colour scheme of the poAF Corsairs. It is a pity that the F-16s were not painting like that...
  2. Thank you. Its good to be back
  3. Thank you. Obrigado e um abraço para os Açores :)
  4. Hello Here is one of my latest works: an A-7P Corsair II of the PoAF Best regards JP Vieira
  5. Very impressive build!
  6. Hello I am finishing a profile of the Israeli Ouragan, but stumbled on a problem: I cannot find large enough photos of the ejection seat sign. I have figure out the wording on the sides of the triangle ("Danger" in Hebrew), but not the words inside it. Can anyone provide with a clear photo of this sign? Many Thanks JP Vieira
  7. Amazing work! I have a running project of a 3 view profile of one of these and hoep the final result will be as good as your excellent model work.
  8. Nice job on the Nighthawk! Congratulations
  9. Great builds: let's hope that 2011 will be at least as productive as 2010! Congratulations
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