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    Maidstone, Kent, England.
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    Modern jet, all scales. Armour, 1/35th. Will try anything.<br>Served in RAF. Now retired Civil Servant.
  1. Happy Birthday Royal Air Force - May you have many more. Robin.
  2. Kev. Do NOT tempt fate. Robin.
  3. Thank you for your good wishes. Not bad going for Three Score Years and Thirteen. Robin.
  4. Hi Jennings, Not as many as you. But, I have flown in Concorde. Robin.
  5. I was one of the last few National Servicemen to be conscripted into the Royal Air Force in October 1960. Never went overseas, never got any medals or awards. The only war zone that I was involved in was the NAAFI on a Saturday night, if we had a Unit passing through the Station, it could be like D Day come closing time. Several years ago I received The Armed Forces Veterans Badge that is awarded to all those who have served in the British Armed Forces, something that I am very proud to wear in my buttonhole. Robin.
  6. I think that the person who jumped in the river would have been eaten by the crocodiles. Only the animals went to the conference. The crocodile would not have attended because it is a reptile. Robin.
  7. On Sunday morning I will be marching to the RAF March when I parade my RAF Association Standard at the Annual Service at St Clement Danes Church in London to Commemorate the Formation of the RAF. Robin.
  8. Happy Birthday to the other birthday boys and girls. Sorry to be late, age catching up with me. Robin.
  9. Happy Birthday Royal Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force Robin.
  10. Also a dose of the real world. Why on earth would someone need to own these. A knife is only of use with a fork when eating a meal. Robin.
  11. My Daughter has asked me to buy this game for my Grandson for his Christmas present. Robin.
  12. We may moan about living in the UK, but at least we don't have those horrors to deal with. Although last week I found one in the bath that was about three inches leg span, picked him up with a duster and put him out in the garden. Robin.
  13. Very nice aircraft was the Argosy, the "Whistling Wheelbarrow", flew in them several times, including a navigational training sortie round the Norwegian airbases. Unfortunately, we arrived at Bodo in a thunderstorm, and I found out how much the wings would flex. :D Robin.
  14. Hi Lucien. Just picked up on your amazing build. I remember the B36s that we had visiting Burtonwood in the late 1950s, spent many a happy week-end sitting by the runway when they were in. However, it was when they were night flying that they were the most impressive, they were lit up like Christmas trees, I think that the crew used spotlights to check on the engines, and the sound of those ten engines going at full power was out of this world. What you are doing is 'real' modelling. Keep up the good work. Robin.
  15. Today, let us once again remember "The Few", who gave us victory in the Battle of Britain 70 years ago. "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so Few". Robin. from the Garden of England over which most of the Battle took place.
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