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  1. Hi Chris, I was very sorry to hear that it hit the Zactofamily too. Just stay positive, there are new treatments available every day and success rate is improving rapidly. My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2009, after surgery, radiation and chemo she was clear for a year but the cancer came back as metastatic on several other organs but additional treatments like hormonal therapy and another kind of milder chemo combination with other medications made tumors shrink and she is still going strong five years later and lives normal life.
  2. I missed this one. Very nice project and good reference on how to tackle Shapeways and other "printed" models. Hope to see it live at Kickoff Classic next year.
  3. Rightfully so! I admire your skills and your patience even more.
  4. Order placed, can't wait to receive it and to start working on it.
  5. Hi Jerry, I can feel your frustration. I wish I would know what did the trick in my case, perhaps I was just lucky... Since I am no chemist I have couple of thoughts that might played part... there might be differences in different products Testors make, I was always wondering why they have red and blue Thinner cans.. The other is related and maybe you used Lacquer thinner to thin the enamel paints you used and with that turn them into something between lacquers and enamels and therefore they don't react the same (I have no idea if this makes any sense). I guess sometimes it just comes down to trial and error aproach...
  6. I just recently had an issue with MM gloss black didn't lay down properly and I created perfect (black) orange. I used standard MM Enamel Thinner in red can: And applied it with old brush and it went right off: Note that under enamel I had a layer of Gunze Mr. Base White, which is lacquer based and it didn't react at all with the thinner. So after a layer of Mr. Surfacer and Alclad I am back in business: BTW. yes this is 1/144 so the quantity of thinner required is relatively small, I also didn't want to ruin the interior paint and succedded at that.
  7. Looking good and you are making very nice progress. I am looking forward to the rest of the painting...
  8. Spejic, I didn't see your F/A-18, I was there in the morning and then had to leave and only came back after the award presentation started already. I saw your build here in Forum and I am sorry I couldn't see it in person. John I don't think you have much to fear from us, your builds are excellent. I also entered the Hawker Hunter in Swiss - Papyrus scheme: Link to Gallery
  9. This piece of paper surprisingly won second place at "Silicon Valley Kick Off Classic" last weekend :
  10. Since the moment I saw a photo of this scheme I knew I will have to build a model of it... and not too long ago I saw a Revell kit in one of the few remaining hobby stores here in Bay Area. I built this kit before and I remembered it is very well engineered and makes a very nice mode so of course I had to buy it. I didn't complicate too much, I added some seat belts and decided for the closed canopy so the focus was only on the scheme. The kit is molded in some ugly brown plastic and the only worry was how to cover it to get pure white canvas. I used Gunze MrBase White 1000 for the primer and it laid down so nicely I decided to not even use any other paint over it. I just put one layer of Future as preparation for decals. Decals were of course the biggest challenge. Luckily there are plenty of good photos available on the net so I could design them for all surfaces. After some tweaking with sizes and fonts I had them ready. They were printed on laser printer using decal paper from Bare Metal Foil and before applying I cut them to manageable sections. After couple of more layers of Future to seal them it is almost impossible to see any film. I am generally very happy with result and it was not too long and very fun build. Photos:
  11. Thanks spejic, I didn't see you, have you been there just for a short time? lucky for me you didn't enter anything in 1/144
  12. Great idea and even better execution... I was just browsing around a little bit and only noticed it.. almost a year late . Since I built it fully painted we could set out before-after display
  13. Very nicely done, I am just building two in parallel. I agree those are real gems an such a pleasure to build.
  14. Hi John, no unfortunately that is not in my plans and it is too far to just ad-hoc decide and go.
  15. Thanks guys. Graemb, to be honest I had second thoughts too, so I decided to build in stages. Whenever I would get sick of it I would put it aside for a while and get back when I was relaxed again Aigore, you must be Igor or is it Frau Bluecher? Dragan, I am waiting for some sun, we just got late rain here in Northern California and since I don't have good setup for taking photos I rely on mother nature to provide lighting.
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