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  1. Short of buying another 1/32 kit does anyone know if there is some AGM-78 Standard ARMs in 1/32 scale? I am looking at building up the Trumpy A-6A into a A-6B PAT/STARM with Shrikes from the Trumpy weapons kits and then hoping to hang some Standards on it as well.
  2. According to the NATOPS that I have for the A-6A circa 1967, it states that the primary ejection seat was the GRU-5. The one that I have for an A-6A/B/C/E, circa 1973 has it split. If you are sitting in an Alpha you still have the GRU-5 and if you are in an Echo you have an GRU-7. Also, talking to some family friends who were seat mechanics in squadrons like VA-85 and VAH-123/VA-128; they state that the early seats were GRU-5 and weren't upgraded or replaced with the GRU-7 until the E started to arrive in the fleet.
  3. It is perfect for those that want to experiment with a technique or a fiddle with a painting scheme. Even if it turns into a failed science project; you can still not wasting your money on a high valued kit.
  4. Tom, The only reason I referred to those tractors because my uncle was on the Shangri-La in the 50's and looking at his cruise books when they were first using A-4's they had the older style MD-1 tractors to help move aircraft around.
  5. Here try this: http://collections.naval.aviation.museum/emuwebdoncoms/pages/common/imagedisplay.php?irn=44072&reftable=ecatalogue&refirn=30137 and this http://collections.naval.aviation.museum/emuwebdoncoms/pages/common/imagedisplay.php?irn=41031&reftable=ecatalogue&refirn=29214 and this http://collections.naval.aviation.museum/emuwebdoncoms/pages/common/imagedisplay.php?irn=40673&reftable=ecatalogue&refirn=29320 You can see the tow tractors in use.
  6. Its hard to find, but White Ensign Models used to sell 1/48th scale tie down chains. As to securing it all depends on the time with regards towards movement of the aircraft. There is an immediate tie down where only a few chains are used, this is done after a recovery but before the aircraft is moved to its permanent parking spot and the rule of thumb is 6-9 chains where the plane moves is expected in under 4 hours, there is permanent tie down which 10-12 chains used when an aircraft is not going to move at anytime from 5 to 24 hours from being put in its parking location. Finally there is h
  7. Go to the DoD's defense imagery online database and do a search for "C-2A" and there are a few pictures of cargo being loaded and even of special warfare guys jumping out with a RHIB on the 8 pages of pictures with those tags. Basically the seats are palletized and can be removed to easily and quickly convert the C-2 back into a cargo aircraft. Similar to the same pallets that were used in the C-130s, C-141s and even the C-17s.
  8. There is also this Korean's company sheet in 1/48 from the Enterprise cruise in 68/69 Linky Then if you don't want to try and order from overseas via the original Korean business partners. A couple of these sheets have appeared on Ebay and in HLJ's online store. An ebay auction for the same decals.
  9. A 30 minute time sink of No.12 RAF Squadron deploying on short notice to Gibraltar to support a NATO anti-shipping exercise. Some pretty good shots of the camo scheme and markings as well as some of VF-84 F-14's that were flying as top cover protection of the Buccs. Time frame is circa 1978.
  10. So check out about the 2:00 minute mark (later the voice of the Blue Angles during their Phantom era) of VA-65. Look at what is under the wings of those aircraft. Some AN-M65 1000lb bombs on some Intruders. So if you are looking for something different for that new 32nd Trumpy A-6 or even the 48th Hobby Boss coming soon, maybe start stocking up on your M65 bombs.
  11. Considering that some of the mines delivered were the Destructor mines and all those were just modified Mk80 series bombs with specialized fuzing and parachute packs it really shouldn't be that to have some built up or even scratch build some. Here is a linky to the Destructor mines history
  12. Quick skim of FLIKR brings up the following: Caption reads: The Whale as a refueler from VAK-308, based at NAS Alameda Same plane backside Front angle shot of same plane
  13. Holmes, I am sure them being 1st editions is important. However, they are standard Squadron/Signal affairs. Paperbacks that aren't very thick, like less than a hundred pages. Filled with photos and reference drawings. Otherwise looking at some of Squadrons other fair of the "XXXX in action" series and except for a couple they don't exceeds $30 bucks (or at least the ones I am looking at)
  14. So crusing the ebay looking for new older source material I run across this: Complete 3 volume set by Duane Kasulka about carrier air schemes from 1946 to 1973. I think "%)*%(# that is expensive for three volumes of series" so on a whim (and based on some intel from a buddy) I cruise over to Amazon and see the following: $136 for Vol 1 (1946-1956) $80 for Vol 2 of 1957-1963 $264 for Vol 3 (1963-1973) So I wonder what makes these source material so damn expensive beyond it is the intertubes and people will pay for anything? I use to have vol 3 in my collection for the longest time till I ha
  15. Ahhh, See last time I breezed through both only two years ago, the MiG was up the street at HFF (who were excited beyond belief to have the MiG) and FHC had just moved in to their new digs with the plans to build a space wing. I need to swing back down there and see what is up between the two places.
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