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  1. There will be an Eduard VLR Mustang release later this summer......will have all 9 squadrons from the 3 fighter groups represented with decals in it. Stay tuned!
  2. Yes those missions were one of a kind....the vets said getting there was easy....just head north from Iwo you will hit Japan! But coming back was looking for a grain of sand in the ocean.....which is why they had the Uncle Dog system and mother hen B29s. Also the missions were fully coordinated w Air sea rescue and the navy....with PBMs, PBYs, B17 Dumbos, navy ships and submarines all stretched out along the way to help any downed pilot on the trip up or back. Truely amazing missions from statt to finish requiring so many moving parts!
  3. By the time the 506th joined up w the 15th and 21st FGroups (they were waiting for the North Field (#3) to be completed) in mid May, the B29 losses to enemy fighters was so small and the threat so insignificant for the most part, that 7th Fighter Command made the decision to start making VLR strike missions. In fact from June 1, out of 36 VLR missions, only 7 were escort. And no, 619 Hon Mistake was never fitted for rockets.
  4. Here's Bill a few years ago, with a model I build for him of his P-51 'Hon Mistake'.
  5. Thanks! I have a lot more but the uploader is being weird (file is under the 101 kb for sure but it's not letting me attach). Yeah, I'll have to ask him and see if he remembers any g suit, but in my collection of photos and everything that I have seen elsewhere, I've never see the it on the Iwo guys. I'll also ask him about the high altitudes, I know of his 10 VLR missions, only 1 was B-29 escort. The rest were ground attacks in Japan.
  6. To generalize, pilots wore the basic, khaki tan AN-6550/AN-S-31 summer type flight suit, khaki colored AN-H-15 flight helmet, rubber framed plastic lens B-8 goggles, mae west, and parachute. So basically khaki colored overall. If you were to use a USN pilot, the biggest thing is make sure he doesn't have the large protruding ear cups found on some. I have not seen any photos, nor any of the vets I know have mentioned getting the G suits. Things got to Iwo (And other parts of the pacific) very very slowly. Combined with the fact that the Iwo Mustang groups (15th, 21st, and 506th) were unde
  7. I have been in contact with Eduard about the VLR Mustangs.....they have decided (as was noted above) to put at least one option for a VLR version in their Royal Class boxing due out in Dec. I have been told they are planning either a limited edition or profipack set later sometime in 2020. Also, for the VLR options, I was told they will be offering up both the 110 gallon and 165 gallon tanks, along with the sway braces for them, in both wood and metal. I basically included it in every email........if you are doing the tanks, do the braces!! Looks like they got the hint 🙂 Now I'm
  8. The Pacific kit also has the twin Uncle Dog antenna's, 110 gallon fuel tanks, and some other things and corrections to make a VLR Mustang from Iwo Jima.
  9. Only problem is the first issue of the kit does not have the fin fillet, it is the early P-51D models. So the ANG and Korean War schemes you would have to either modify or wait for the next release, which is probably going to happen, seeing as how they have holes for rockets in the wings ready to go.
  10. Hey, I just realized the title of your post was the name of the P-51. Yes, that shot you are referring to is most likely the press photo, with drop tanks in the background. There are no markings for it on any decal sheets. It probably wouldn't be too hard to get some to make them. I don't have info on that aircraft, other than it is presumed to be a 72nd FS aircraft.
  11. Do you have the picture you are talking about or can link it? Plane number #335 would be the 531st Fighter Squadron, not 72nd. 531st used White bands, while 72nd used yellow. There are only a handful of Iwo Jima 7th Fighter Command P-51 decal sets out there. And nothing has been done of the 72nd FS, and just 2 of the aircraft of the 531st. Both are on the 4 released Aeromaster VLR Mustang 1/48th sheets.
  12. Waltz41

    Revel 32nd P-51

    I recall the first time I ever heard about this model and saw anything on it, they had a picture with it of the Planes of Fame Museum's P-51 "Dolly", which is painted in 462nd FS colors from Iwo Jima. From the video, it's clear there are the holes in the wings for rocket mounts, so I definitely think they will do a reboxing and maybe include either one of these VLR P-51's and/or a Korean War scheme as all. Fingers crossed!
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Monogram-6372-B-25J-BONUS-Mitchell-Bomber-1-48-Scale-Model-Revell-125-pieces-/122602539843?epid=1500207233&hash=item1c8bae4b43:g:7-YAAOSwF1tZbBDg
  14. The pro modeler kit came with some small photo etch parts as well I think.
  15. Ok, thanks. I didn't know they didn't droop as much as the Merlin powered P-51's. Thanks for that info. Now that I look at more and more actual pics, I can see that! The wells though, green zinc chromate or aluminum insides? I screwed that up, you are right it's on top of the wing. I'm assuming then just like the rest of the cockpit the floor should be interior green.
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