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  1. HTH http://hyperscale.com/2007/features/maskingtapeseatbeltsrf_1.htm
  2. Hi Dave, What scale are they and what aircraft will they be for? I'll see what I can find. Cheers!
  3. Jorge, So the paints turned out to be old. Glad you figured out that it wasn't the airbrushes. Cheers!
  4. I found this on another website that may be of some help. http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1166301485 Let me know how they come out. Good Luck! Andrew
  5. Hey JWest21, I've gone back into the section for email notifications and it doesn't work. I believe the email notifications were excluded during forum change-over. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Steve, I appreciate your quick response and help in trying to fix the e-mail problem. I'll just have to check-in more regularly. Thanks a lot buddy! Andrew
  7. Hi Steve, The e-mail address is correct & there are no forum e-mails ending up in my spam folder. Thanks for the help. It is very much appreciated. Andrew
  8. Hello Steve, - Email Notifications for new forum posts - I used to get email notifications of new posts in the, "Tool's n Tips" forum, but haven't received any for a few months. I checked my Subscription settings and Following settings and re-set them. I still don't get any emails letting me know of new posts. Can you please help me with this problem? Thanks, Andrew
  9. I used to get email notifications of new posts in Tool's and Tips forum, but haven't received any for a few months. Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Thanks, Andrew
  10. TomCatFan, I believe shaking the hell out of it by hand will mix it well enough. -
  11. Hi there, K!

    How's it going, my mate?

    Just wanted to thank you a huge lot for the advice.


  12. That's a good tip to know, about spraying straight Lacquer Thinner, to melt "Blushing". Thanks, Curt.
  13. Shadoweng, Will you please post results on how the Vallejo Model Air paints performed? That would be a big help. Thanks!
  14. Hi Bryant,

    I had to post your step-by-step how-to for Painting Black on HyperScale.

    It is the best tip on painting black aircraft I've ever come across. Simple & Easy to follow.

    Please don't ever delete those photos. They are a big help.

    Thanks Bryant!

    Andrew Gaitan

    I know what you mean about posting on HyperScale. Ther...

  15. I like that P-40. Thanks for the heads-up on the "Invisible Thread", Curt.