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  1. #11 blades

    Thanks for the heads-up on that, Dave! Have a good weekend. Andrew
  2. 1/48 Do-17Z Kits

    USNChief, How was the ICM Do17z-2 kit that you purchased? All good? Andrew
  3. Vallejo 28.517 Acrylic Varnish Gloss is it OK ?

    Hey EagleDriver, I haven't tried it, but it is always a good idea to experiment on a scrap piece of plastic. If you decide to try it on a scrap piece of plastic, please let us know your results. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Pebbly Vallejo white primer

    dnl42, Thanks for that bit of information. .
  5. Mounting and painting support

    I don't think there's anything out there like this Model Support Stand.
  6. Salt weathering technique - video tutorial

    That's great! , Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey Chris, That's the EMBED link for the photo. What an I doing wrong?
  8. Pledge Klear Floor WAX

    Pledge Multi Surface Finish Trying to get a photo for you. Got it.
  9. Way to go 87. I'm surprised the Badger air pressure regulator didn't come with mounting brackets.
  10. What is a good airbrush for a beginner?

    Thanks for posting the video, Kurt. Andrew
  11. Storing models

    Hi Stacey, Most of the kits stored in the garage are still factory sealed and the others are open. I left all decals in with the kits. They still look okay, but before I use them I'll probably coat them with MicroScale's liquid decal film. Hope that helps Andrew
  12. Storing models

    Hi Todd, The un-built kits I have are stored in the garage in Large moving boxes that are taped-up very well. I have them about 1 foot off the ground so the boxes will not get wet if there is any water spilled around them & a few inches away from the wall. The cold & heat hasn't affected them in any way. In sunny So. Calif.. As for the built kits; others will have to chime in on that. HTH Andrew