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  1. Way to go 87. I'm surprised the Badger air pressure regulator didn't come with mounting brackets.
  2. What is a good airbrush for a beginner?

    Thanks for posting the video, Kurt. Andrew
  3. Nice! I like it.
  4. Storing models

    Hi Stacey, Most of the kits stored in the garage are still factory sealed and the others are open. I left all decals in with the kits. They still look okay, but before I use them I'll probably coat them with MicroScale's liquid decal film. Hope that helps Andrew
  5. Storing models

    Hi Todd, The un-built kits I have are stored in the garage in Large moving boxes that are taped-up very well. I have them about 1 foot off the ground so the boxes will not get wet if there is any water spilled around them & a few inches away from the wall. The cold & heat hasn't affected them in any way. In sunny So. Calif.. As for the built kits; others will have to chime in on that. HTH Andrew
  6. Canopy mask question

    Hello Timmins, The easiest way to do the canopy mask is the way Bob Beary said. (Mask it, burnish the tape down and mist on light coats, especially the first coat.) Works for me! Andrew
  7. Water Trap Placement

    Hi Don, I would add a mini-moisture trap to the airbrush itself. Keep the rest of your set-up the way it is. Others may know more. HTH Andrew
  8. Decals with Yellowed Clear Film

    I would cut-back the Clear film part as close to the painted part of the decal to Minimize the Yellowed, Clear film of the decals. My other 2 ยข
  9. Decals with Yellowed Clear Film

    I've been told that taping the decals to a South facing window, where the sun will hit them, will bleach the yellowed part of the decals. Make sure there is no condensation on the window & do not leave them over night. HTH
  10. Lead, foil, or tape for sraps demo

    HTH http://hyperscale.com/2007/features/maskingtapeseatbeltsrf_1.htm
  11. Lead, foil, or tape for sraps demo

    Hi Dave, What scale are they and what aircraft will they be for? I'll see what I can find. Cheers!
  12. Intermmitent paint flow in all my airbrushes

    Jorge, So the paints turned out to be old. Glad you figured out that it wasn't the airbrushes. Cheers!
  13. Enlarging Decals from 1/48 to 1/32?

    I found this on another website that may be of some help. http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1166301485 Let me know how they come out. Good Luck! Andrew
  14. Email notifications

    Hey JWest21, I've gone back into the section for email notifications and it doesn't work. I believe the email notifications were excluded during forum change-over. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Moving ARC Forums

    Steve, I appreciate your quick response and help in trying to fix the e-mail problem. I'll just have to check-in more regularly. Thanks a lot buddy! Andrew