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  1. Dai, If you can, please post photos. I would like to see how the paint job on your turns out.
  2. Can you draw what it looked like and post it?
  3. Hello Dai, I wouldn't know if it fits, the Tamiya kit, or not. The only way to find out if it fits would be to put it together and size it up. I hope it works out for you. Model on!
  4. Perhaps you can transfer the paper template to Masking Tape. Cut out the template on the tape and use that on your car.
  5. I came across this hobby shop, Mustang Hobbies. I've never heard of them before. Have any of you done business with Mustang Hobbies, and if so, how was your experience with them? Please let me know. Thank you
  6. Steven, that's a great tutorial you posted. Thank you.
  7. Had not heard this before. I appreciate this bit of advice. Thanks!
  8. Here's what it's called and looks like. It has to be Multi Surface Finish. I bought mine at Lowes.
  9. I wanted to know the same thing. I found this. https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=112432
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