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  1. Building the Hasegawa F-15c as a Desert Storm aircraft, Have aftermarket decals for the squadron but only the kit's hi vis stencils, are they correct for this time period?
  2. Can't find 2 sidewinder rails from this kit....anyone?
  3. Title says it all. I did find 1 sheet at an online retailer but not willing to pay $10 shipping on a sheet of decals.
  4. Lost my MoJo when attempting to add the rubber band tracks. After a while I ordered a set of individual link tracks but got sidetracked and not sure if I'll get my armor MoJo back before the GB ends.... Sidetracks:
  5. Usual airshow problem though is the viewing area is east of the flight line. Any aerial shots will be into the sun.
  6. I have the Italeri boxing of this kit with no instructions. I've found the instructions online and have the kit built but the decal instructions are just not clear enough for me to read the decal numbers. I just need the USAF decal instructions?
  7. Didn't say it was Macdonell Douglas :)
  8. Began this evening by making the modifications necessary to fit the Armorscale barrel and filled some sink marks on the interior of the turret.
  9. I've been hemming and hawing about whether to join in but I found an old Tamiya King Tiger in my garage while looking for bits for an Academy Achilles and so here we are. The dualists:
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