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  1. Back in 2018 this set was long gone (so I thought) but I emailed the maker (David Newman <newmanispwest@yahoo.com>) and he sent me one for $43. Try him? It is a challenge.
  2. I have an old Hobbycraft kit but I've lost the main-main gear doors, port and starboard. anything will do?
  3. https://spruebrothers.com/camms48008-1-48-milspec-decals-f-4g-phantom-ii-no-69-0292-562nd-tfts-37th-tfw-1990/
  4. Try asking for the part from their F-15J/DJ Eagle JASDF kit. I think it's in production. PT-51 sprue J (single seat) as the kit builds either 1 or 2 seat 2 sets of clear parts are included and both are sprue J the only difference in the instructions being single or double seat.
  5. https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=RVL4957
  6. It appears to me that the Kitty Hawk RF-5E has the parts included to build one.
  7. HMMT-164 Phrog is not riveted and is a few years old (2016). The "Flying Tigers" '46 was riveted and built in 2020.Both have home made markings and cable cutters.
  8. Due to the American rescue act any 3rd party transactions (paypal etc>) are now subject to paying taxes on yearly transactions amounting to over $600 via a 1099K (?). All 3rd party companies will be required to file these reports. Sucks huh.
  9. Be aware that the F-8E(FN) has the double droop leading edge flaps and larger vertical tailplanes.
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