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  1. Why no coverage of the C ?
  2. I'm building a C using an E kit with Steel Beach's conversion set.
  3. Striking
  4. Aren't there significant differences between the Hasegawa B/C and M fuselage pertaining to panels and openings mid fuselage?
  5. MAW decals
  6. Did these carry full stenciling?
  7. Thanks Gents
  8. Perfect-thanks
  9. photo of VMFA 232 on Nimitz shows agm 65 / fuel / fuel / gbu 38 / gbu 12 My question is as I cannot see the port fuselage would there be a sensor mounted on the intake station?
  10. Am pondering how to weather the wings? Have faded the outer panels but was looking for opinions on inner wings, protected (by oil) Sea Blue? exhaust darkened? a mixture? Opinions techniques. Photo saved from somewhere some time ago-my thanks to the poster.
  11. Aurora DH-10 with Profile Pub #145 and for some reason 1 white metal Liberty engine. Eduard Sopwith Triplane O/S (box opened plastic sealed) F.1 Camel O/S Eagle Strike 48129 F1 Camels Pt2 Aeromaster Fighting Camels 48-208 2F1 Camel Profipack Bristol F.2B Profipack O/S Albatros DV Profipack 8112 O/S Roden SE5a Wolsey Viper O/S Fokker DVII Albatros late A bag of all of my WWI decals, some kit leftovers, some Aeromaster, Superscale and Eagle Strike leftovers and sheets some lozenge sheets. Not going to go through it all but there's some good stuff, some spares and probably some stuff. Throwing in the DH2-it's started-some paint and wings drilled for rigging. $135 shipped conus
  12. Dave interested in Night Attack Harrier and Prowler without tractor

    1. Dave Roof

      Dave Roof

      Please send me a direct email to the address provided in the post.

  13. What are you interested in?