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  1. 2020 in review. Due to being laid off for most of the year I had plenty of time to whittle down the stash…. January Italeri U-2S completely re-scribed Tamiya F-14B commission February Hasegawa/Muroc Models F-8K March Gallert Models UH-34D OOB except gun mount AMT Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker I used to build a lot of trucks in the 70's and just got a few this year-they seemed so much easier back then
  2. Alclad -Polished aluminum, airframe aluminum and aluminum.
  3. Aifix P-40 done as Boyington's AVG aircraft. Besides adding rivets a bit of Eduard PE was used. Decals are a mix of kit and Kits World. Paint is Model Master medium green and fiels drab lightened a bit with white and wood, bottom is air command grey from True North paints.
  4. You could hold the wing in place and trace out where it meets the forward landing hear bay corner. Trim that but down on the wing for a better fit, works foir their Intruder kits as well.
  5. Folded rotors, added 2nd set of flare dispensers, cable cutters, intake covers, modified antenna suite, markings printed stripes painted.
  6. Sometimes stretched sprue, sometimes thin lines of putty ike on this Monogram thud I did a couple of years ago
  7. Man I'm getting old when the Monogram '86D is an oldie!
  8. Where are you located? I have a built one I may let go of ($75) but it's rather large and I don't imagine it will be cheap to ship
  9. Yea quarterfenders and cab front grab handles
  10. Better late than never..... SPzAbt 503 Feldherrnhalle, Hungary 1945-Star decals
  11. Haven't built a big rig in 40 years...
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