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  1. Some Blast Models update, DEF tires. Meng and Tamiya stowage, E.T. models DUKE antennas, scratch duke antenna supports and power supply, gerry can racks and some stowage.
  2. 1/48 ICM OV-10A and OV-10D+ - No. 48302 - $45 (x1 for sale, 2 sold), Does this mean there's 1 left?
  3. OOooh F.n RRahhh! Gunny. Yea I used the kit .50 and built the rest. Thanks Brother, Sempre Fi.
  4. Says you can't receive messages....Brian hold on to that CH-53 I have a friend that may be interested BRB
  5. Flying Leathernecks decals, Wolfpack detail set, Reskit, Aires and some scratch.......
  6. Shows it had been around awhile
  7. Back in 2018 this set was long gone (so I thought) but I emailed the maker (David Newman <newmanispwest@yahoo.com>) and he sent me one for $43. Try him? It is a challenge.
  8. I have an old Hobbycraft kit but I've lost the main-main gear doors, port and starboard. anything will do?
  9. https://spruebrothers.com/camms48008-1-48-milspec-decals-f-4g-phantom-ii-no-69-0292-562nd-tfts-37th-tfw-1990/
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