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  1. Two Bobs Gunship Harriers

    I just received this sheet but am wondering if the data is printed in the correct color. It looks too dark, almost like 36118-the color of the plane. Has anyone used them? Sacrificed one data decal is lighter than 36118
  2. A-4B VMA-533

    This is Hasegawa's A-4C with Steel Beach resin nose/Instrument panel and MAW decals
  3. The Marines....

    Intrepid tiger https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/how-the-marines-cheaply-and-quickly-built-precision-com-1577979656
  4. Kinetic Prowler

    Future+yellow food coloring
  5. Kinetic Prowler

    It can be made a challenge. The lower forward wing/fuselage join although addressed in the latest issue of the kit still needs a bit more plastic removal to achieve a good fit. The wingtip nav lights are too small for the openings-1/16" filler at the back of the light opening corrects this. The wingtip speed brakes if modeled closed can benefit from the addition of some plastic card on the top pieces to eliminate a step between the brake and wing thickness. Only real issues I can think of. My third Kinetic Prowler.
  6. Kinetic Prowler

    With Aires cockpit and Flying Leatherneck decals
  7. Quickboost Phantom 1/48 seats too small

    The small one-on the left is the Quickboost. The right one is the Hasegawa and the middle is Verlinden. As you can see the height of the seat pan from the floor is good but the back is too short. Shimming it up will cause the seat sides to rise above the cockpit side panels.
  8. # 500, 512 or Both? I have you covered
  9. 1/48 RF-4 Phantom. Which Kit Is "Good"?

    Does the Hasegawa USMC (or any) RF-4B kit include the short (F-4B/N) afterburner cans?
  10. Part M2. I've had this kit in the box for 20+ years and am just getting around to asking :)
  11. Kinetic 1/48 A-6E Intruder

    Things to look out for- the wingtip light lenses are too small for the space provided and the wingtip speed brakes, if built closed, aren't thick enough leaving an awkward spot where the hinge mechanism leaves the top of the wing. At this spot there is a gap because the speed brakes are not as thick at that point as the wing. I built the top of my speed brakes up with a piece of cardstock to build them up to match the thickness of the wing. The locating pins on the speed brake hinges need to be either removed or you would need to re-drill the holes in the adjusted brakes.
  12. Big Scale Vipers colors question

    Sure does thanks