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  1. Where are you located? I have a built one I may let go of ($75) but it's rather large and I don't imagine it will be cheap to ship
  2. Yea quarterfenders and cab front grab handles
  3. Better late than never..... SPzAbt 503 Feldherrnhalle, Hungary 1945-Star decals
  4. Haven't built a big rig in 40 years...
  5. Not 100% happy with the photos as the star and bars are not that blue that's an effect of the photo.
  6. nose gear door part # B29 and rear cockpit deck part # G3 Have been looking for a couple of years now. :(
  7. All 1/48 My first build of the year came a bit late, May 4th I finished Hobby Boss' A6A Intruder: May 15th I finished my fourth Airfix Lightning, an F.6 June 9th I finished a Kinetic F-84F I then found more things to do outdoors so it wasn't 'till October 15th that I finished a Hasegawa F-15C By November 9th I had Kinetic's Fouga Magister completed Twenty days later I had Kitty Hawk's F-35B under my belt and off the to do pile December was a busy month beginning with Hasegawa's F-104C on the 7th On the 24th I finished ZM's F-4J After that I needed something quick so I build Hobby Boss' F4F-3 and finished it on the 28th Having finished that with still a few days left in the year I thought "I can probably knock out a Tamiya corsair in a few days" and so I did to finish out the year That's it. Happy New Year everyone and Happy Building! Mike Taylor
  8. Building a ZM Phantom with the probe extended but no color info on the bay- I'm assuming white but you never know. Also the rear part of the probe that is exposed when its extended as the forward part moves out is? Metallic? TIA
  9. Can't buy fine nozzles for the Aztek airbrush anymore either.
  10. While they made a good go of it I'm glad they weren't overlooked and their sacrifice was aknowleged
  11. Any mention of the Marine Corps contribution?
  12. Thanks for confirming, I checked there before I asked but I didn't see an answer to my question.
  13. Building the Hasegawa F-15c as a Desert Storm aircraft, Have aftermarket decals for the squadron but only the kit's hi vis stencils, are they correct for this time period?
  14. Title says it all. I did find 1 sheet at an online retailer but not willing to pay $10 shipping on a sheet of decals.
  15. Lost my MoJo when attempting to add the rubber band tracks. After a while I ordered a set of individual link tracks but got sidetracked and not sure if I'll get my armor MoJo back before the GB ends.... Sidetracks:
  16. Usual airshow problem though is the viewing area is east of the flight line. Any aerial shots will be into the sun.
  17. I have the Italeri boxing of this kit with no instructions. I've found the instructions online and have the kit built but the decal instructions are just not clear enough for me to read the decal numbers. I just need the USAF decal instructions?
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