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  1. Folks, Wayne Hui's article in TMMI leads me to believe that the parts are in the Beaufighter X kit to make an Aussie Beaufighter 21. If so, could someone indicate for me what parts are needed? Thanks in advance! Scott
  2. Folks, I'm looking for a trade for a Tojo. 1/48 Otaki or Hasegawa boxing, I'm not picky. I have some 1/72 Aircraft and 1/35 armor for trade. I'm in Shelbyville KY. Thanks Scott
  3. Greetings, Does anyone know the unit of the Breguet Atlantique which is involved in the search for the missing/downed Airbus off the coast of Brazil? From what I can tell, it's based out of Dakar, and it's a one-only (possibly), but it looks to be painted in two greys. I've always wanted to build the 1/72 version, and I just might have a reason now. Thanks in advance Scott
  4. Tom, Thanks much for that. It really helps a lot! Scott
  5. Folks, I'm thinking about ordering the Quickboost slipper tank for the Spitfire IX. I actually need one for a Spitfire VIII I'm getting ready to build. However, I'm not able to find out any details about what size tank it's supposed to represent. Can anyone help with additional information? Thanks in advance! Scott
  6. Okay, oddball question, but I need some help. How were replacement Daimler Benz and BMW engines, specifically thinking of BF-109 and FW-190 series, transported to the airfields for replacement? Were they trucked? If so, were they shipped in a crate, or uncovered, or what? I've just wondered about this as a thought for a diorama. Any suggestions of places to find photos would also be helpful. Thanks in advance. Scott
  7. I'm wanting to trade off a Hasegawa 1/48 Bf-109G6, Finnish Air Forces boxing, with Aeromaster Defenders of the Reich decal set. I'm looking for 1/48 aircraft, preferably Second World War Allied fighters. Each party pays own shipping, from/to Shelbyville Kentucky. Thanks for Looking. Scott
  8. I hope the topic grabs some folks. I'm looking to trade some of my kits for your 1/72 Fujimi MiG-21bis or SMT that you don't want to build. I have 1/35 armor and figures, 1/48 aircraft, and some 1/72 aircraft to trade. I'd also like to find a set of Begemot decals too. If you are interested, please let me know. I live in Kentucky, so would like to keep the trading to North America if possible. I've traded on Armorama and Missing-Lynx as well, under the name of RedHornet. Thanks for looking. Scott Sullivan
  9. The other two things I've noticed about this after staring at it for more time than I probably should...... There are large white X's on the wing tank/bomb racks, and it looks like the bombs have had graffiti marked on the ends. It's just one of the most interesting photos that I've seen in a long time. Scott
  10. Thanks everybody for all the help! Now, I just have to get all the stuff together to re-create the photo. Looks like I'll be making my own markings for it, but that's the way it goes! Scott
  11. Guys, I do appreciate the help and the starters to go on. I wish Life did caption better, even with a little more detailed location of the photo. Oh, well. Can't always get what you want. Scott
  12. Okay, long time listener, first time caller. I found a picture on Google Images taken from a Life magazine back in 1944. It shows a P-47 receiving maintenance in Normandy fairly recently after the landings. One of the interesting things I noticed was that the propeller hub had a spiral on it? It's a D model Razorback with a white cowling, bombs under the wings, and full invasion stripes Also, there's an unusual type of tractor pictured in front of the 'Bolt. Can anyone direct me to unit, and let me know a little more about this? Also, could anybody tell me what the tractor is? Thanks m
  13. I'm looking for some help. I have a Heller Mirage 2000c that I would like to convert to a 2000-5 model. What upgrades would be the best to use? I'm not sure how much different the cockpit is from the standard, and what resources I could use. Thanks so much for the help.
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