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  1. Hi Not boiling water but hot enough from the sink then right into a glass with a little water and two ice cubes. I may repeat a few times till i get the angle right. Oliver
  2. Looks good. Such an impressive build. You are a mad man Norbert....I love it Oliver
  3. Looks good from here. I like the transmission shaft showing. If I may suggest, I would replace the mesh kit part with real mesh. Following your build. Oliver
  4. Hi Rod. There is no doubt in my mind that can do it. Post photos Oliver
  5. Thanks Anthony. Glad you like it. Worked on the engine this last few days. Still work in process but its moving along just fine. I must say that Ray's photos are a big help. I am trying to stay as close to the real engine as I can (for a change). Oliver
  6. Oh yeah me likey mucho el dio. So cool. fantastic job Oliver
  7. A great subject. Looks to me like a perfect start. Oliver
  8. Hi Worked on the engine a bit. "trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole" I was trying to duplicate the side engine parts but it felt like that line in Apollo 13. I had to build a frame around the rounded part of the engine in order to attach the upcoming yet to be build parts. It looks like a screen tv right now but that will change. Had to glue the plastic frame one piece a time and let it dry, a lot of torque on the plastic. Thanks to Ray for his great photos. Oliver
  9. Hi Ray Thats perfect. Thats just the area I needed to see. Thanks. I have been using your photos but was missing the one from the top. Worked on the attachement to secure the engine to the cart today. Oliver
  10. Wow, Thats museum quality work right here. I really dig your pattern camo work. Stunning build and very clean. I love it. Oliver
  11. Hi Dan True in the past I have redone parts several times ...agree with you on that one. This is by far one I did NOT want to remake at all. I rather be working on the main rotor and blades. Oliver
  12. HI I guess photobucket is back with a brand new page. This is how the emgine looks today. Ill be working on it today a bit.
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