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  1. Hello, Now looking for a Fujimi 1/48 AH-1J if all else fails. Thanks to any and all that reply. Jake
  2. BUMP. Very greatly appreciated if I could have a chance to buy this kit for him. Thank You, Jake
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a Fujimi AH-1G "Playboy Bunny". I built one with my dad as a young kid and would really like the chance to buy one and present it to him as he is looking to get back in to building again. If someone could help me out it'd be much appreciated. I'll add that Im looking for a Fujimi Ah-1J in 1/48 as well if I cant find the AH-1G. Thanks, Jake
  4. Austin, Been good, really busy working. Hoping to get back into modeling now that it's warming up a bit. How have you been man? jake
  5. Austin, Very impresive work, especially on such a small scale. Jake
  6. Jon/strikeeagle801, I've been good, in fact, I just got done working at a horse show today. I am worn out, believe you me! The reason I haven't been on in a long while is becuase I have been working to keep my grades up in school. Hope to get on at least once a week now. Anyways, thanks for letting me know they dumped the program. I hope they find something that will work out. I was really wanting the HH-47 to win even though it has no affect on me what-so-ever. Later, Jake
  7. Hey all, How has life been treating everybody? Anyways, has a winner been named for CSAR-X yet? I know the other companies have protested Boeing winning once or twice, but I have heard nothing since last year as far a winner goes. The summer is near and the water calls, can't wait to go SCUBA diving! Fair Wind and Following Seas, Jake
  8. Hey guys, I thought it was a pretty good show. Watching the skycrain in action was pretty cool. Jake
  9. Hey Jon, Congratulations on the new baby! No doubt he will have great dad and mad modeling skills. Have a good one. Jake
  10. X-RAY


    Charles, Everytime you build a model, it blows me off my feet! Have you ever put your models in a contest? Jake
  11. Great looking bird, I really can not wait for the orange to be added. Jake
  12. Just found this picture, thought it was cool and would make a nice diorama. Enjoy. Jake
  13. Put me down for a 1/35th OH-58A + Jake
  14. I sent you a PM about the resin set, Floyd. Jake
  15. Great work LD. I think you have a great skill with the small scale stuff. Your rotor head a pit are looking great. Jake
  16. Is it the end of the world? You used and airbrush!!! Keep it up, man! You did a real great job, better than some of my work. Great job. Jake
  17. Let me tell you diving in general is great, diving with sharks is just killer!!! One thing though, don't grab the sharks tail! When I was a crew member on board a dive boat one of the guests went to the bottom of Bull Run and held on to a grey shark's tail. Lets just say that they let go real fast! Jake
  18. Hey Guys, It has been a bit since my last post. I have a urge to some how build an AF CV-22, now my only question is how? What are the extra lumps and bumps that would be needed to build one of these aircraft from the Italeri V-22? List that I know of: Decals Interior(Hope I can pull that off!) exterior??? If you can help, thanks. Jake
  19. Why would the kit not come out? If is becuase they said never again, that may not be the truth. Does B-17F ring any bells??? They said the same thing about that too. Jake
  20. Talk about some serious TLC! This is going to be a good build. Jake
  21. Looks great, looks really great. Jake
  22. Something about the word Hind, not sure what but it sounds like one mean @$$ helicopter. Can't wait, Jake
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