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  1. Hi Friends, I am happy to present video and pictures from my last work. Hope you enjoy it
  2. Hello Friends, Thank you very much for your comments. The snow effect is achieved with Tamiya's "Powder Snow Effect". This is a very interesting product, you can mix it with paints and dilute with water. I applied it with a brush. Hello Diego, thank you for sharing with your impression. Yes, some of Soviet planes were extraordinary painted, which is very attractive to modellers. When making the model I was inspired with this picture (from Internet): Best regards, Robert
  3. Hello Mates, It's been a long time since my last visit here... Yesterday I've finished this one. Hope you'll like it :) Best, Robert And the rest of photos (without gun barrels - I've noticed it and corrected after taking pics :) ) I have also made a very simple vignette (first time in fact...) : Best, Robert
  4. Hello Kamil, Excellent paint-job, as always. Hope to see another of your models soon. Best, Robert
  5. Magnificent build and painting. Regards
  6. Hello, Thanks for your comments. In fact, this kit was published in "Super Model" Magazine. I enclose the picture of the real war-bird. I've tried to paint my model similarly. Regards Robert
  7. Hello Chaps! It is time to show you my newest project. It is 1/48 scale Tamiya's Focke-Wulf 190 D-9 with Russian markings. The plane was captured in 1945 and German national insignias were replaced with red stars. The build was quite fast and easy and the paint-job gave mi a lot of fun. You can see many in-progress pics by visiting my blog. Best, Robert
  8. Helo Guys, Thank you for your comments. I have some in-progress pics, hope you enjoy them. You can see how a plastic toy changes into weathered miniature. Cheers, Robert
  9. Helo Chaps, This is my latest work painted with Gunze C, with Eagle Strike decals. This is not a very good quality kit, but it looks nice after painting and weathering... I have a plan to do another one in the nearest future Feel free to comment, Regards, Robert :lol:
  10. Helo Kamil! What a stunning work! I really like the weathering effect you've achieved. Hope to see more of your kits in here! Cheers, Robert
  11. Helo Mark! Very sorry I respond so late, I was quite busy recently The stains You've pointed were painted with a very small brush, using Tamiya Smoke with few drops of retarder. Smoke is a dark and transparent color, so I can achieve some interesting effects with it. The stains You can see on wings are made with a thick oil-paint for artists rubbed with a paper towel. Cheers, Robert! :)
  12. Thank you for comments and informations. Regards Robert
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