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  1. F-4s had two different nozzle lengths. Does it matter which one?
  2. Some of thier jets are already back stateside so those you saw are probably headed back soon.
  3. That paint scheme was just unveiled on January 21st. Twobobs Decals is planning on releasing it in March.
  4. I'll stick with cost plus shipping. I'm not looking for much right now. Just send $5-6 mainly for the shipping and I'll send them to you. Terrence Culton tculton2000@yahoo.com
  5. I'm looking for cockpit parts from the Revell 1/48 A-10. Perhaps someone used a resin cockpit or has a scrapped model. Parts 71-76. TIA
  6. How about 48-314, Superscale And 48-127, Twobobs in exchange for the two already marked pending.
  7. I'll take the following - 48-092 48-003 72-058 PM sent
  8. If you are still looking for one check out the Facebook group Scale Model Graveyard. A guy named Charlie Peterfeso has one listed in the auction this weekend.
  9. 48-1045. F/A-18F Super Hornets VFA-14 & VFA-2 CAG 48-1108 F/A-18E Super Hornets: VFA-22 CAG & VFA-105 CAG
  10. The outer wing pylons are not used on earlier F-15s. There were fluttering issues caused by then during testing. You will however see them on F-15SA and newer aircraft because the use a new fly by wire system not used on earlier F-15s.
  11. Simply looking for a set of 1/48 A-7D decals. Leftover kit decals are perfectly fine. Prefer a set for a SEA camo bird if at all possible. Thank You. Either PM me or email me at tsculton@gmail.com. Thank you.
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