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  1. So if I want to build a Westland Lynx army version in 1/72, what are my options, kit-wise? What's the best option? Thanks.
  2. Two hundred bucks? There ain't anything two hundred bucks worth of wrong with the Matchbox kit.
  3. I might be going nuts, but I didn't see it there.
  4. MH; One of the things left over from a recent kitbash are the HH-60D parts (the external pylons and fuel tanks, and refueling probe) from the Fujimi HH-60. If they'll help you out, they're yours for the asking. And if not you, anybody else - all they'll do is sit in my spares box forever if someone doesn't take them.
  5. As the result of a kitbash, I'm left with what is basically a complete Fujimi Blackhawk kit. I like the look of the US Customs Service's Blackhawk, and wonder if there are any decals available for it in 1/72. Does anybody know of such a thing? 10-Q
  6. Well, might as well reinvigorate this thread: Since you seem to have a thing for asian helicopters (with the Taiwanese Fire Hueys and Cobras and such), could one hope for: PLAAF Blackhawks? Japan Coast Guard 212s and/or Super Pumas? I mean, come on... who could not love that cool blue paint job?
  7. torch; Dunno. Mine's been in my closet since maybe 1991 or so. try evilBay. Edit: Here's one: http://cgi.ebay.com/1-72-CH-3C-JOLLY-GREEN...7QQcmdZViewItem
  8. I just got my set(s) today. One HH-3F conversion, one HH-65 conversion, and one set of MH-68 decals. General impressions: The decals don't look bad at all. I'm not sure how they were printed - maybe ALPS. They sure look like they need a top coat of something before you try to apply them though. I only wish he'd printed the red stripes separately from the Coast Guard emblem - getting a really exact color match on it for the paint job is going to be a bear. The resin for the HH-3F seemed okay. I didn't notice any egregious pinholes or anything. The HH-65 resin seemed okay, but the two resin
  9. Any chance of a more detailed play-by-play of what exactly needs to be done to clean up this kit and make it a winner? I'd really appreciate it.
  10. What color did you use for the interior? I'll be trying to copy you in 1/72.
  11. The Hasegawa 1/72 Blackhawks/Seahawks are love. Beautiful models in every sense. Italeri's 1/72 V-22 Osprey, while not accurate for a production machine, is a nice kit of an interesting subject. I'm quite fond of Fujimi's Sea King, or even Sweet's diminutive offering!
  12. Looking for Max Decals 72-16: Irish Air Corps, and 72-03, underwing stripes. PM me if you find them.
  13. alouette: What was so-so about the resin?
  14. So having gotten my Jigabachi and my Tachikoma in the mail, I'd love to get a model kit of the tilt-wing that Section 9 uses in Ghost in the Shell. Does any kit exist of it? Thanks.
  15. Hey all; Digging through my kit pile, I came across what seems to be most of a 1/72 Revell CH-54 Skycrane. Looks like most of the parts are there, including the complete fuselage, minus the removable pod, maybe a rotor blade or two, maybe a couple other things. Anyhow, since I thought I remembered that this kit is or had been kind of rare for a while, I thought I'd offer it free to whoever wants it, in case you can use it for parts or a kitbash or something. PM me if you want it - it's all yours.
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