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  1. That's a great build-I really like the Revell 32 Ford kits, I'm just finishing a 5 window. How did a Chev engine get in there? ;)
  2. If you read the history between the Wrights and the Smithsonian you will see that the museum chose to display Langley's flying machine as the first successful airplane. Langley had connections with the museum--the surviving Wright brother would only donate The Flyer if the museum changed its stance on who invented the first flying machine
  3. I loved it--leaving the theatre one of my kids commented that he didn't know if Admiral Marcus was a good guy or a bad guy---it made the kid think. We talked about how the people in charge of protecting us can break the rules if they think the end justifies the means---the film had a message pertinent to today--just like The Original Series
  4. My thought on the photo of Chekov--they filmed it that way to save money not having to add the viewscreen effect. Ever since I learned the 350 would have a viewable bridge I assumed it would be offset because thats how Ive thought of it since the 1970's, thanks to The Blueprints--but Im thinking Ill orient it straight. If anyone questions me I'll just explain that cylinder behind the bridge is an area where elevators "park" so that there is always one available as soon as one is used. Giving the builder a choice in this matter is another example of how well engineered this kit is
  5. Im masking this aircraft for All Nippon paint scheame--the top of the wing is grey but ends at the wing root where white takes over--how can I make a mask that follows the wing after painting the fusalage white?
  6. Anybody know if there is a Martin upper turret for the tamyia 1:48 scale Lancaster available aftermarket? Trying to convert to MK.X. Thanks
  7. Great looking MIG--I read that article a few weeks ago and It was pretty well researched and written. Nice hobby room you got too.
  8. Wow what a build up--thanks for documenting the progress--I will be checking back on your progress for sure-excellent work
  9. I actually lived in the town where he murdered the second girl and it really was a little town nobody locked their doors at night--nothing like that ever happened in Tweed and now peaple are scared. Before that the only two things the town was known for was its Smallest Jail in Canada and the remours that Elvis lives there in retirement
  10. I love the opening scene of ROTS--from the banging of the drums that forbode bad things coming to the camera panningover the star destroyer revealing the whole battle in orbit--so much going on--don't forget the kitchen sink crashing into a federation ship--slow it down-it is a kitchen sink. The opening of the new Star Trek movie as the camera glides close to the ship and the long pullback to see what the ship looks like--I new then this version of trek was going to be different
  11. I want the Snoopy and Red Baron Snap-tite kits to be re-released again--got them both back in 1973--cool kits
  12. Ken--did you sand off the raised lines on top of the primary hull?
  13. That really looks good--thanks for sharing it>
  14. Great ideal Steve--that does solve my problem
  15. I got one of these kits and my son is trying to get me to build the plane with the clear side--I know its not fully accurate inside but there is a lot of detail you can't see when the two sides are buttoned up. How would you glue the two sides together without messing up the clear parts
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