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  1. Looks like it's just a reflection of the skylight in the high-gloss paint.
  2. Ok, that makes things clearer. I did find the same picture of "Yellow 4" in a book that I have. Caption simply says it's a 109E-3 of 3./Jg 27. I found a different picture of what I believe is the same plane before having the cowl painted yellow. The size, shape, and position of the "4" is an exact match to the photo you provided. And the camouflage pattern on the spine aft of the canopy also matches exactly. This means that the rear canopy section and the gun cover / air intake panel were replaced between photos. The site I got this photo fro
  3. Depending on your available decals and if you have an E-4 canopy you can/want to swap, that scheme you painted is accurate for several planes. Are you trying to limit yourself to an E-3 from 3./Jg 27?
  4. Dai, Have you tried moving the cockpit tub as far forward as it will slide in the grooves? Given that the fuselage is tapered towards the front, I'm willing to bet that the tub is designed to be wedged between the front of the fuselage halves.
  5. I'm sure glad I didn't throw away my Academy Bombcat.
  6. Congrats on having your models displayed with the Vermont ANG. What an honor.
  7. I was looking a several examples on this page https://www.reddog1944.com/340th Bomb Group Unknown BS and SN PLANES.htm It definitely looks like the dark paint was applied over the lighter shade. So I presume that the 340th BG received many aircraft in factory desert paint. Not sure if it would be sand or pink, but it's definitely light.
  8. Are you modelling that specific aircraft? It looks to me that the darker paint was added after.
  9. Fantastic job on the pilot figure. Rest of the build is nice as well.
  10. That site does have a LOT of mistakes in the photo captions on other pages, but the 2.(H)/14 page is fine.
  11. I can't seem to find the build, but the aircraft is a Bf 109E-7/trop operated by 2.(H)/14 {2./Aufklärungsgruppe 14}, a reconnaissance unit in North Arfica. You can find several photos of this squadron's aircraft, including #10, here: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/H14.html
  12. Are you looking for information on the aircraft depicted in the build or info on the build itself?
  13. How is the Italeri kit? I remember seeing sprue shots when it was first released a few years ago. Looked pretty impressive.
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