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  1. Cool Hand

    F-8E check pylon colour? Single or y-rack

    I found this pic with 2 F-8E's with Y-racks. Both look more gray than white.
  2. Cool Hand

    Best Luftwaffe references?

    In case you have not come across it yet, the FalkeEins Luftwaffe blog has fantastic reference material. http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/
  3. Cool Hand

    Bf 110G question

    Yes, the 110G had leading edge slats like the other 110 models.
  4. Cool Hand

    Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7 Trop Question

    RLM is not brand of paint. RLM colors were the standardized paint shades to be used by the Luftwaffe. RLM specifically refers to Reichsluftfahrtministerium, the German Ministry of Aviation (1933-1945).
  5. Cool Hand

    Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7 Trop Question

    The profile I posted is how the plane looked when Wick commanded all of Jg 2 in November 1940. The double chevrons in the kit decals would have been the marking he used when he only commended First Gruppe, Jg 2 (Sept. 9 - Oct. 19, 1940)
  6. Cool Hand

    Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7 Trop Question

    I assume it will be this scheme. You need RLM 02, 04, 65, 70, 71 for the exterior and either RLM 66 or 02 for the cockpit.
  7. Cool Hand

    Me-262A-a1 Schwalbe

    Excellent build.
  8. Cool Hand

    Jagdgeschwader Identification Band Colors

    Yes. That would work for Jg 1. Have a look at Heinz Bär's Fw 190A-8.
  9. Cool Hand

    Jagdgeschwader Identification Band Colors

    I imagine that the red Jg 1 used is close to the shade that Jg 301 had on their tail bands. I would try to get close to that.
  10. Cool Hand

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat, Tamiya 1/48

    Great model and brilliant display stand.
  11. Cool Hand

    1/18th scale JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Superb build. Excellent work.
  12. Cool Hand

    Building a Bf 109G-10 cockpit armor plate

    It should be the armored glass unit. Unless I'm very mistaken, the frame and mounts will be painted RLM 66 like the rest of the cockpit. Couple of pics via google:
  13. Cool Hand

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Wait, there's an A/B model TCS pod is in the D kit as well?
  14. Cool Hand

    Bf 109F and G differences

    There are plenty of great schemes for the F. I'm sure you'll find more than a couple that will merit a build.
  15. Cool Hand

    Bf 109F and G differences

    Yes, but some F's also had glass only on the left side. More importantly, the canopy frames changed from the F to the G. G models have thick frames on the windscreen and tilting portion. Armored windscreen glass was added to the outside on the F and was mounted inside the frame on the G. Other key differences between the F models and the G-2. The position of the fuel filler hatch is under the canopy on the F and on the left side of the upper fuselage aft of the canopy on the G. There is a round hatch on the left fuselage of the F, just aft of the supercharger intake. Most F models had a shorter oil cooler fairing under the nose. The F-4(Trop) and F-4Z had oil coolers which became the standard on the G. The same applies to wider chord prop blades - G standard on F-4(Trop) and F-4Z. Wheel wells are perfectly round on the F-4 but the F-2 and all G models had strait outboard edges for doors which were never used. Supercharger intake is thinner on the 109F-2. G models had 4 small scoops on the nose aft of the spinner, 2 per side. Some F models have a thin scoop on the right cowling aft of the engine crank access hole. Many F models have external strengthening plates(2 per side) over the join between the tail and rear fuselage.