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  1. Dai, Have you tried moving the cockpit tub as far forward as it will slide in the grooves? Given that the fuselage is tapered towards the front, I'm willing to bet that the tub is designed to be wedged between the front of the fuselage halves.
  2. I'm sure glad I didn't throw away my Academy Bombcat.
  3. Congrats on having your models displayed with the Vermont ANG. What an honor.
  4. I was looking a several examples on this page https://www.reddog1944.com/340th Bomb Group Unknown BS and SN PLANES.htm It definitely looks like the dark paint was applied over the lighter shade. So I presume that the 340th BG received many aircraft in factory desert paint. Not sure if it would be sand or pink, but it's definitely light.
  5. Are you modelling that specific aircraft? It looks to me that the darker paint was added after.
  6. Fantastic job on the pilot figure. Rest of the build is nice as well.
  7. That site does have a LOT of mistakes in the photo captions on other pages, but the 2.(H)/14 page is fine.
  8. I can't seem to find the build, but the aircraft is a Bf 109E-7/trop operated by 2.(H)/14 {2./Aufklärungsgruppe 14}, a reconnaissance unit in North Arfica. You can find several photos of this squadron's aircraft, including #10, here: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/H14.html
  9. Are you looking for information on the aircraft depicted in the build or info on the build itself?
  10. How is the Italeri kit? I remember seeing sprue shots when it was first released a few years ago. Looked pretty impressive.
  11. Cool. That doesn't seem so bad. I might have to get one of these.
  12. That's 1/72? Superb job on this bird.
  13. If you look closely at the image I sent earlier about the Erla wing pattern, you'll see that the cross does not meet the panel line it's positioned slightly outboard. Your decals are close to what I see in references.
  14. The shape of the vertical fin is accurate. It was designed as an airfoil to counteract the effect of engine torque while in flight. The fuselage wants to twist to the left at the nose and right at the tail, so a an airfoil that pulls the tail to the left will keep things stable.
  15. Looking real nice. Shame that the EagleCals are not reacting well with the decal solutions. Also not very good that the Eduard color is so far off.
  16. This will seem tedious, but your best bet will to be create a new layer and trace over the image with the paint brush tool. Just use a color that's not black initially (I like red) so you can tell what you've drawn from what you haven't. You can make the new layer black when you are done. For the finer lines, you may need to scale down the smallest brush size 50%. How many pixels tall is the Eagle?
  17. Try GIMP. It's a free image editor similar to Photoshop.
  18. From looking at the decal sheets there are indeed a few definite MTT built 109's and a few possible ones. Here are the definite MTT 109's: Top three schemes on EagleCals #27 (Yellow 6, White 1, and White 12) Middle two schemes on EagleCals #42 (Yellow 16 and Yellow 6) Note that Yellow 16's rudder was not actually white - reference photo clearly shows it was just an illusion caused by the rudder being deflected to the right, making it look lighter in the sunlight. Possible MTT 109's Middle two schemes from EagleCals #171 (Red 11 and Blue 14) T
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