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  1. Are the F-4EJ Kai wings with or without slats? I've got a S that I want to turn into a J, but I'm not sure which F-4E kits have the hard wing.
  2. Cool Hand

    P-40E Q

    Regarding the pinwheel on the wheel hubs, it was definitely used on AVG planes.
  3. Wow Darren, sounds like Revell isn't just revamping their old Tomcat as much as tooling up a new mold. Very cool.
  4. Trigger, you just won the damned internet with those posts, and yes "Rebels" is awesome and it does a great job with Vader. I do also agree with Andrew D, that the first duel with Luke would have had some effect on bringing out his good side. How that transition was handled in RotJ could have been done better, but it is done adequately. There is a tangible reason for Vader to turn against the Emperor and become good again (from a certain point of view). But what I was referring to before about Anakin not being like Vader was not about deeds but personality traits. Although you make excellent p
  5. Very true on the way the droids were portrayed in the prequels. Along those same lines, the major failing of the prequels was that Anakin never did show any traits that would later manifest in the Vader we all know and love. Where was the flair for the dramatic, like waiting for Han and Leia in Empire? "We would be honored, if you would join us." They never seemed like they were ever the same person.
  6. SW Robot Chicken is amazing. For you fans of the bounty hunters.
  7. This is where you should have stopped. Like I stated before, what you saw in the film was taken directly from the text, which was written with no considerations for sales in China. Except there is a need for practical justification. The entire premise of the novel was the idea that the mission was undertaken with technology currently developed, just more refined. Everything was written as if it is based on today's reality. The author's choice to focus on China's space program as a means for providing a replacement booster was likely based on the fact that China's ambition in space explora
  8. Except this "subplot" is taken almost verbatim from the novel. This was not a ploy to make it (either the film or the novel) more marketable in China. This major plot point was a commentary on the ideal of non-nationalistic attitudes held by scientists worldwide. This plot point illustrates the central theme of the story - the world coming together in cooperation, united by science and bonded in humanity.
  9. Does that mean the Eduard G-6 has been completely re-tooled?
  10. Are you still looking for these? I have sprue E from their F-4S. Are these the same parts with the 1:72 kits?
  11. Keep the yellow fuel line. The 109 in the first link is a Trop without the sand filter over the intake.
  12. Excellent build. In case you didn't know, yesterday was also 70 years to the day that Major Nowotny was killed in his Me262.
  13. Brian, not to beat a long dead horse here, but would it be cost effective to make sheets in 1/72 with fewer schemes and print them double on a standard 1/48 sized sheet and cut them by hand to make two smaller sheets to be sold individually? I'm not sure what the minimum print runs are that you have to purchase, but just for example if you print 100 of these in 1/72 then you can split them into 200 sheets for retail sale. Have you given any thought to a system like that?
  14. Very cool. Can you explain the process you used. Thanks.
  15. I always thought it was over the nose visibility that nixed the idea of long nose phantoms in USN/USMC service. Can't wait to see the finished model.
  16. I like MM's Dark Earth. I've used it on two spits: a Tamiya Mk. Vb and a Pegasus Mk. I. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff252/DropkickYankees/SpitfireComplete016.jpg~original http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff252/DropkickYankees/Spit3.jpg~original
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPw-3e_pzqU Glad you're back Brian. Cant wait to see some more Tomcat's.
  18. Here is what is fact. These 190A's belonged to First Gruppe. (I/Jg 1). 1st Staffel (1./Jg1) used white checkers that corresponded with white side numbers. 3rd Staffel (3./Jg1) used yellow in the same manner. 2nd Staffel's color (as determined by RLM standards) would either be black or red. Since the theme of the entire First Gruppe is a pattern of black checkers set against the staffel color, it is safe to assume that 2nd Staffel used red. This is further supported by the photos that Jennings provided, where the checkers on the background 190 are a darker shade than the yellow theater markin
  19. Well, I'd figure that there are no conversions because you'd need more than just a new nose. The wings are different both in the guns and especially the radiator fairings versus the common kit Emil's (E-3,4,and 7).
  20. I'm in with the Revell 1/48 Mercury capsule. I'll be building it in orbital configuration.
  21. I'd love to participate, but I'm too broke. Alas, no bucks - no Buck Rogers.
  22. There is also a scoop on the right cowl, just aft of the hole for the starting crank, on the F-4 that was eliminated on the Gustav.
  23. Are you sure that a K-4 is an option? That would require tooling a new left fuselage, because the placement of the radio(and thus the access hatch) was moved forward.
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