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  1. Unusual pylon with the dual winder rails n this one.
  2. If the Airfix kit can be built without the fillet, then I'll be buying a few. Seems like all my favorite schemes are from D-5's.
  3. Many Tomcats in the early to mid 80's had that exact configuration. For example: the jets from Top Gun.
  4. The Top Gun jets need the TCS pod and the tail stiffeners.
  5. Indeed. I enjoy seeing all the work and debate from the "Rivet Counters" It helps me make informed decisions on where to spend my money.
  6. For this to work, I think the kits meet the requirement of having an obvious shape issue. For example, I cant obviously see the flaws in any of the mentioned F-105 kits, but an Academy 1/48 F-14 is clearly misshapen.
  7. Darren, perhaps you could make the TCS pod as a 3-piece set with both the camera and bullet fairing with a universal base?
  8. Tell you what, if you include 1/72 options like you did with "Yankee Air Pirates" I'll be buying a sheet for sure.
  9. Have you considered RAF Middlestone? Looks like a close color. Here is the FS match for it: http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=30266
  10. That is awesome. Fantastic work so far.
  11. Great pics. Hope that there's more to come.
  12. Great! I plan on doing the 4x Winders and 4x Sparrows on an early Tomcat when I get this kit. Just have to decide on which scheme now.
  13. That looks great. Is it possible to make 4 of any single type of missile, for example an Aim-9G/H?
  14. And for some people, myself included, they dethroned Hasegawa's Tomcat by not having the option.
  15. Based on this review I'd say that you can build an A-6 from the A-8 kit. http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/eduard70111reviewgp_1.htm Use part 12 for the Mg17 cowl gun cover and the upper cowling piece that fits the barrel spacing. Also use parts 14 and 24 for the early style headrest. Check your references for the use of inner gear doors and use the corresponding parts. Also, you will want to fill the service hatch on the right hand side of the fuselage.
  16. The VF-2 markings and lack of glove vanes told me this was a D.
  17. Yes! I loved this show as a kid in the late 80's. Very hokey by today's standards, but there was a ton of great aircraft footage.
  18. Are you painting by hand with a brush or with rattle cans>
  19. Can you go into further detail about this trimming? How east is it to see where to cut? This is unfortunate to see in a kit that in all other aspects being geared to east construction. They would have been better off having separate and complete boat tails.
  20. the tail pattern were not sprayed freehand on the real plane. It was a stencil that covered the tail. easy to replicate with a post-it note.
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