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  1. Hi, I´m looking for this decal sheet from Hobbydecal Ref al48003v1. Really, the most important are the stencils and panel numbers. Thanks Juan (Spain)
  2. Thanks John, but I need Mk.81's Cheers Juan
  3. Hi to all I found this thread while looking for 1/48 Mk.81 bombs with snakeye fin for an A-4E. Well, I can´t find the bombs I need, so I have one question: - If Eduard´s kit isn´t correct and the fins looks more like Mk.14, would be correct to use it with a Mk.81 from Hasegawa obtaining a Mk.81 Snakeye? I dind´t find any information about Mk.14 dimensions and just thisabout Mk.15 fins. Thanks for your help, and excuse my bad english <_<
  4. I already have the MMS kit and I´m waiting anxiously for all those improvements...GREAT WORK!!!
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