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  1. it's the Heller/Airfix kit Claire
  2. Hi all I've been given a Trumpeter LAV III and plan to do it as a Canadian machine, however there is a lack of Canadian figures. How noticeable would it be if I used US figures? Thanks Dave
  3. Hi Classic Planes in Germany has a conversion that includes Maritime Patrol decals Item CPi 34 Dave
  4. Looks like the season is starting later north of the border Go Jays
  5. 12/12/12 is International Roadie Appreciation day
  6. As a Blue Jays fan I'm in the Anyone but the Yankees group. A Nationals Orioles World series would be fun
  7. Hi Joe Yep 6 fins spare. PM me your address and I'll send them on. Dave
  8. Hi Joe Let me check tonight - I've one I'm doing as the Russian Knighs so don't need the missiles & I pretty sure I haven't given them away. Dave
  9. Used then 3 times with no problems, would use again if they bought out some of the 1/48 conversions in 1/72 Dave
  10. Military Aircraft(1/72,1/48 & 1/32) Civil Aircraft (1/144 & 1/200 Race Cars (F1 1/20 & Le Mans 1/24) Ships (1/700) Armour (1/72 & 1/35) Real Space (1/144)
  11. The lead ship in the work top class carriers that included USS Desk Top and USS Work Bench
  12. As a 30 year Raiders Fan Thank you Al Just Win baby !
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