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  1. it's the Heller/Airfix kit Claire
  2. Hi all I've been given a Trumpeter LAV III and plan to do it as a Canadian machine, however there is a lack of Canadian figures. How noticeable would it be if I used US figures? Thanks Dave
  3. Hi Classic Planes in Germany has a conversion that includes Maritime Patrol decals Item CPi 34 Dave
  4. Looks like the season is starting later north of the border Go Jays
  5. 12/12/12 is International Roadie Appreciation day
  6. As a Blue Jays fan I'm in the Anyone but the Yankees group. A Nationals Orioles World series would be fun
  7. Hi Joe Yep 6 fins spare. PM me your address and I'll send them on. Dave
  8. Hi Joe Let me check tonight - I've one I'm doing as the Russian Knighs so don't need the missiles & I pretty sure I haven't given them away. Dave
  9. Used then 3 times with no problems, would use again if they bought out some of the 1/48 conversions in 1/72 Dave
  10. Military Aircraft(1/72,1/48 & 1/32) Civil Aircraft (1/144 & 1/200 Race Cars (F1 1/20 & Le Mans 1/24) Ships (1/700) Armour (1/72 & 1/35) Real Space (1/144)
  11. The lead ship in the work top class carriers that included USS Desk Top and USS Work Bench
  12. As a 30 year Raiders Fan Thank you Al Just Win baby !
  13. I hope it's more that 'roughly' Halifax shaped
  14. Nope - At least not in Rugby Union. They have Laws
  15. Hi Anyone have a set on the RQ-4 NASA decals from the Platz kit they are willing to part with ? Cheers Dave (in the UK)
  16. Some what of a blow as he was only 3 weeks older than me My condolences to the family.
  17. Rush Hour - The only movie I've ever walked out of (and it was at home on video)
  18. Also the most important Mk.II in the war, because it kept brining my Grandfather back, DS794 "W"
  19. Does this mean Welsh, Scottish & Northern Irish pilots are OK or are you using the American 'England' meaning the United kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland?
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