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  1. Alright guys, That's all she wrote for the GB! I will be pooling all the names that have completed entries and notify the raffle winners shortly!
  2. Ha! That's rich....the guy pretending to be a fictional comic book character is mocking me.
  3. I've shot down plenty of F-22's in my day. There was a local business called "The Other Side" that ran simulators that my buddy and I fly. When we finished flying missions, we usually have some time on our hands so we fly ACM versus each other. He typically flies a Raptor and I like to mix things up. I chose an A-10. The mission controller asked if I was insane.....Nope First pass head on I call "Guns Guns Guns" and the idiot calls out "affirm".....he didn't complete the pass. Second pass....he smarts up and doesn't accept my guns call. I go vertical straight into the sun. As he comes up to follow, I pull back on throttle and stick and I drop to the deck and get an easy belly shot as he circles to find me. Out of 10 passes, the A-10 won 8 times. Yes, his Raptor was miles better than my Warthog....but it was all about knowing what my aircraft could do and flying to it's strengths and not giving the other pilot an "in"
  4. I've been struggling with getting a model kit built for awhile, so I decided to try something different. I found these "Real Grade" kits and they looked interesting so I picked up the classic RX-78-2 from the original series and the RX-178 Gundam Mk II from Gundam Zeta. These kits are 1:144th scale, on par in size with the High Grade series. The kits are the typical Bandai multi color plastic, but they've taken it to another level. There are subtle tint differences in different panels The RX-78-2 comes with a small core fighter. While it is small, it still has nice detail. In the original Gundam series, the pilot would fly around in this fighter and it would fold into a command module and because the cockpit for the Gundam unit. The kit can be integrated in the same way. Here is the RX-78-2 up close. The detail is insane. And in action.....the RG kits have an inner frame that the armor is built up on. These frames add an insane amount of movement and articulation....much better than the standard poly cap method And onto the RX-178.... The kits included a large amount of decals, warning stencils, etc.....but as they weren't visible on the mecha in the anime, I've left them off mine. These are definitely not the kits to get if you want to have something on your desk that you can fiddle with. The RX-178 is pretty sturdy, but the RX-78-2 is pretty temperamental...limbs come loose. While posing it for the pics, the right arm came off several times, the leg fell off....a real pain!
  5. The man can develop cutting edge armored fighting suits....and yet he can't learn how to crop photos.....go figure
  6. Is that a person that writes essays for a profession?
  7. Need to pay some bills, and this thing is likely to never get built on my watch..... The box has been opened, most everything is still in bags and on the sprues. I've got about half of a PE set for the shuttlebay as well that a buddy gave me after he built his. Make me an offer, Paypal only
  8. OH NICE! They have one of the prop Spinners from the movie hanging in the lobby of the EMP/Sci Fi Museum here in Seattle. One of my fave movies.
  9. I just saw it last night and frankly.....I want my 2 and a half hours back. I thought it was the worse super hero movie since Elektra. The changes to the costume were really hard to swallow, but not as bad as the chest toupee coming out of the neck of the costume. The action was hard to follow and WAY too dark for Superman. Yes...dark and gritty works for characters for Batman, because Batman is in fact dark and gritty. When you wear blue tights with a red cape....you tend not to be so gritty and dark. All in all, I really really hated this movie. I hate how Lois already knows his identity, I hate that Morpheus got fat and grew man boobs, I hate that Superman kills Zod, and Superman looks too much like a ripped Bill Hader.....all around hated it.
  10. I remember Mighty Mo being moved. We lived in the north end at the time, in what is now Shoreline. My parents took us to Richmond Beach and there were huge crowds lined up on the cliffs watching as she was towed up the Puget Sound. Not sure it was VAQ-129....or even the Scorps for that matter...I looked at some pics and all the pictures of the Scorpions I could find that had any color on the tails were a black tail with red scorpion tail.
  11. My family took a little road trip today, down through the Kitsap peninsula and up towards Bremerton....as we approached Bremerton from the south, I began to notice very familiar outlines. 5 aircraft carriers sat at the docks of the Bremerton Naval Ship Yard. In the foreground is the USS Independence, the island of the Kitty Hawk is just forward of the Indy's island. And just beyond the Kitty Hawk is the Connie. The Ranger is just out of view and I couldn't get a shot of it as the road didn't have a shoulder. The Stennis is in port and was a few docks down from the Ranger. Here is a close up of the hull of the Indy. That was a close as I dared get without angering the guys in the Humvee. Then....on the freeway coming home, just south of Seattle.....I see two E/A-18G Growlers fly over. I couldn't get a shot of them because I was on the I-5, but I could see them pretty clearly as they were low....I could see a red fin flash on one of them...not sure what squadron they were from.
  12. Yes, it is a tragedy and I am sorry to hear your country is being hit with a disaster of this magnitude. Is that any reason to jump on the OP like that?
  13. I don't know how you think of this stuff.....but you're a freakin genius!
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