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  1. I think that's why you just see "armored" figures, the armor does a fair job of covering the joints. Thanks, this was a fun one to build.
  2. I recently finished this Bandai 1:12th Clone Trooper. The ammo belts, pauldron and holsters/side arms are printed from Shapeways. https://flic.kr/p/2hZruRz https://flic.kr/p/2hZp2n7
  3. Can I see my cutting mat? Good to build!
  4. Steve, that would be great thanks! And thank you....it's great to be back. I'm managing the Hobbytown in Everett for the last few years and have been building cars and sci-fi, finally got bit by the airplane bug again
  5. Hey Steve, Thanks for the attempt.....turns out I am a moron and my old account was PNW_Modeler...not paul.nortness I was able to find my handle in a completed GB thread that I remember participating in and remembered the password!
  6. Hey Aaron, Bothell actually. You and I have met before, we met up at Galaxy Hobby in Lynnwood a few times while you were living on the dry side of the state. Nice to see you again!
  7. Hey guys, after a long hiatus, I am back to building. I was on the forums a long time ago and can't remember my old sign in, but used to be known as paul.nortness here. God, it's got to be close to 10 years now. I had a shelf collapse with about $2000 worth of built models completely written off and it was hard to get back into the swing, so I turned to cars and dabbled in sci-fi. I just picked up a Trumpy F-14B and it's gotten the aircraft juices flowing, so the first place I came was here!
  8. Hey all, I am looking for the spare IP parts from the 1:32nd Academy F-16I Sufa. I am building a DJ out of it and somehow misplaced those parts. Sprue K, parts 71, 72. Also needed is the rear IP shroud (part number unknown) I have many many spares to trade, and can paypal as well.
  9. I am looking for a couple of 1:32 sets from Fightertown Decals. 32009 32010 I can paypal, trade, etc (I am not really sure what etc would entail....I just threw that in there.)
  10. Hey all, I am coming back into aircraft building after almost a decade hiatus. I am noticing a lot of the places I used to get aftermarket decals are either gone or have almost nothing for stock. Specifically, I'm looking for decal options for 1:32 scale F/A-18E and F-14B and can't find anything.
  11. I'm not looking to operate one, just build a plastic one......
  12. Hey all, Coming back into the mix after a long absence and I can't seem to remember all my usual haunts for research. I am trying to find a few SEAD loadout options for a F-16DJ Any help would be great!
  13. Alright cool. Then I will keep this here! This is the beginnings of my Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame. For those unfamiliar with Gundam models, Perfect Grade is the pinnacle of the line and one of the bigger scale at 60th scale (The Mega Size line tops the scale at 48th but is a lower quality than Perfect Grade). When complete, Astray will stand between 14 and 15 inches.
  14. Not sure where I should post this.....I started work on a Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame. Should I post this here in Sci Fi or in the Figure section?
  15. So if I were to do a F-16CJ from the 35th FW based at Misawa, the ALQ-184 would be used
  16. Thanks! I am still debating if I want to do the kit decals from Idaho or a Spang Rhino from my Airdoc sheet. I am leaning towards Spang cause I am going to do a 32nd scale SEAD build with a Trumpeter F-105G in SEA camo, this kit in Euro 1 and an Academy F-16CJ in grey. All my paints are dried up or the lids have rusted shut so I am picking up paints tomorrow to start on the pit
  17. Hasegawa makes a 1/32nd scale weapon set?
  18. One last question guys. based on the pics I am finding, it looks like I need the ALQ-184 pod on the center line with a AN/ASQ-213 offset under the intake?
  19. I've got a Trumpeter F-100D. Did they make a F in 1/32? I've only got so much house to display in! I could do a Navy Skyhawk in Iron Hand. I have an old Hasegawa 32nd Skyhawk that I have been working on rescribing for the last decade!
  20. Thanks for the reply. Luckily, I just located them....I "put them in a safe location" ;)
  21. Hi, I am not sure if this is in the right section but I need some help. If it needs to go somewhere else, please let me know. I am just coming back into building after 3 years off and I am going through my stash and stuff and seem to be missing some instruction booklets. Does anyone know how to get them replaced or find online copies of them? I am in need of the Academy 1:32nd F-16CG/CJ and F-16I booklets and the Trumpeter 32nd F-100 and F-105G booklets. Thank you in advance.
  22. Hi guys, Don said I should come and check this out. I am just getting back into building after a few years off and picked up the F-4G. Mind if I build with you?
  23. Thank you all. I know the F-16 isn't a dedicated WW platform like the F-105G or F-4G, but it would still be cool to have all three in a lineup as it is the aircraft that now carries out that mission. I'm not really sure what timeframe I am looking at doing. I guess I need to look around for some markings I want to use to determine the timeframe, huh? Thanks for the heads up Don....I don't know how great my skills are by comparison, I am just getting back into the game after a few years off. I was thinking about doing the Idaho kit decals, but I just found a sheet of Airdoc decals that I picked up for the Revell F-4E that has G's on it
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