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  1. It may be that you will be luckier than me
  2. This is my Academy request part and following answers. What do you think about? Me: Dear Sirs, I need a replacement part, named "UPPER FUSELAGE" in attached photo, of the Academy F-4C Phantom II "Vietnam War" 1/48 kit Number 12294. Obviously I can pay for it. Could you tell me the way for get it? My address is: Academy: Dear … Glad to know you, I am … who is working at Academy. At your request, I have checked our warehouse, and found that 12294 is stockout. Therefore, I am afraid to say, we could not send replacement part of 12294 to you. I hope you understand this si
  3. Ciao Pierpaolo, great usual job indeed. Rino Righi
  4. Hi Rob. What a beautiful job you did. A famous jet as a famous modeler.
  5. So, it is beautiful in COIN gray too. SMILE, you're on Candid Camera. rho
  6. Yes, Nyutabaru I like it very much. Rino from Rome-Italy
  7. Bella secco! Nice work indeed! rhino
  8. Hi Richard, I preshaded it, than I faded panels with base color and white. Regards Rino
  9. Hi Jedi, you have to build not only "jet" too. Ciao secco! rhino
  10. To surround canopy I used Tamiya tape painted yellow and cut in thin noodle over glass surface, than applied on the canopy. Rhino
  11. I used paper masks and bluTac rolls. Rhino
  12. Chaff/flare dispensers? Completely forgot them! Oh my God! rhino
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