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  1. Well, I'd call it white. Especially if the idea is to mimic an A-7 scheme from the 1970s. Interesting that they did the radome white and not tan - but then again, that's an A-7 feature too. Back to the original question ... I plan to do exactly the same thing, and as the WHIF condition is If they'd never stopped using gull gray and white it can be applied to any Hornet. So I've got Kinetic's F/A-18C, stock code 80321. The options inside are: VFA-131 (red tails, red-white-and-blue band round the mid-fuselage, and a lot of red stencils) VFA-195 (green tails with big
  2. Two reasons. The first is: not enough speed. Your average large modern aircraft needs to be doing well over 100mph, sometimes as much as 200, to get airborne. It was less in WW2 but still good and fast. If you drop a four-ounce model from waist height it has only three feet to pick up speed before it hits the deck. It won't get anywhere near its unstick speed. Plus, you have to remember, if it's falling nose-down any lift the wings do manage to generate will act sideways, so while it might deflect slightly, it certainly won't lift the nose and start flying level. The second i
  3. It's a copyright violation only if you make copies and sell them, or if you ask another company to make you a set and pay them to do it. If you make your own copy (only one) and you use them only on your own model, you should be fine.
  4. I should take myself over to Britmodeller if I were you. There are several very helpful people on there with mountains of technical stuff, and they'll be happy to send it you or post it up.
  5. One last little reminder for you - we're on the day after tomorrow.
  6. North Surrey's small but perfectly formed show is back on (assuming nothing terrible happens in the next two weeks). We'll be at the usual venue, Banstead Community Hall, from 10 to 4 on Saturday 5 February. So far we have attending: Clubs Aldershot BMSS Cambridge MAFVA East Kent club Hailsham Scale Model Club Horsham Modellers Club IPMS Gravesham Military Modelling Society Shepway Military Modelling Society South Downs Model Club Welling Model Club Traders Elan 13 Miniatures Guideline Publications Tony Bareh
  7. That's Corrogard, of course; your spell-checker may have let you down there. Corrugated paint is what I get cos I use a brush.
  8. Plus, the sun is hardly ever directly overhead, so light will get in obliquely from front and rear. A good test to confirm whether it's because of the folded wings would be to check the undersides of aircraft in the same colour scheme. The outer panels should be even more strongly faded than the inner panels, since they'll get no shade while the inner panels are permanently shaded. Another check could be the tailplanes - in the OP's picture they do look more faded, and they never get shaded by other parts of the airframe. However (there's always a however) you also ha
  9. It preceded the Beaufighter. The Beaufighter's wing was taken from the Beaufort and given Hercules engines and a new fuselage, then it went off on its own development line. Beaufighters lasted beyond the end of the war, especially in places like Portugal, while the Beaufort was retired in 1944.
  10. And now, for extra credit in your philosophy module: what do you do if you can't get that site to work?
  11. This is always handy for situations like this: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/. Funnily enough, I first found it on modelingmadness.
  12. When you need to glue two parts together, and you've made sure the mating surfaces are completely flat and completely clean, and you've got the superglue to the exact consistency you need, and you know it will take ten minutes to set, and you have to hold it in your hands because no jig on earth will do the job, but that's alright because you've finally perfected your Zen technique for breathing through your ears ... ... the phone will ring.
  13. Anything will fit perfectly so long as you don't apply glue. Anything engineered to fit perfectly without glue* will be impossible to take apart after test-fitting, unless you break it. Items dropped on the floor become invisible to the naked eye and can be found only with the naked foot. You will run out of a crucial paint colour only when it's another week before you can buy more and there's absolutely nothing else you can be doing to your model to fill in the time. * I have my doubts about this - sounds like the "non-iron shirt" to me
  14. Have you tried adding a little soap to your wash? It reduce the surface tension and generally helps it to settle where you want it. Though, on a very glossy surface, its scope for helping will be limited.
  15. Yes, it's been at a number of shows in the UK, and it's very nice. Can't say what the Hannants situation is. But I do know that Kevin who makes them has some intermittent but serious health problems, so manufacture and distribution can be a bit patchy.
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