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  1. Pete Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Managed to squeeze in a couple trips to Pasadena to set me up for a medical procedure. Go back again in early April. Anyway I dredged ye olde memory bank and came up with nothing. Not sure that I even took any pictures while I was down there. Its one thing in kinda observe the plane while walking out to it as opposed to paying attention to the interior details over the next hour or so.The only thing I can recall is the interior not being a dark color. I did take some pictures of a light observation plane at the Warhawk Museum in Nampa, ID some 5 years ago. I think it was an L-19. Could have been an L-4 or a L-5. I do believe they may still be in the camera. Will download them and see what I have. Will get back to you. Hopefully much sooner. Ciao!! From the edge of nowhere. Henry
  2. Pete Actually I redid my comments. Not sure what happened to my original posting. My intent was to provide a different alternative based on my experience at that time. You had a suggestion from someone else to consider the Beaver option. While I was at Ft Sill becoming a true redleg in 1960 we had a number of demos of weapons, planes and helicopters that existed in the Army at that time. Yellow markings on OD planes and helicopters was pretty common. The flying part of my life at that time was done at Ft Hood. Glad you were able to find what you needed. If the need should arise again you might consider the AOA sheet(s). That were released in all three primary scales. Ciao!! Henry Blecha
  3. My experience from some 60 years ago regarding the L-19 markings was basically all L-19s were OD with black markings. I participated in a project to evaluate the effectiveness of a program to do aerial observation at 50 ft vs the usual 2000 ft at that time. All of the L-19s were the OD with black markings. The only time I recall the OD with yellow markings was during demos at Ft Sill where the L-19s participated. AOA Decals has a decal sheet that covers the L-19. Haven't looked at it recently, but it may cover what you are looking for. Now if I could only find all my pics from that era. I shot a lot of pics. but it is 35mm slides. Long before the digital world we live in today. Sorry if this seems wishy-washy, but its been a long time ago. HTH. Any questions give me a shout. Ciao!! Henry Blecha
  4. Hey Scooby you wouldn't by chance mean Burl Burlingame. He is the Historian at the Pacific Air Museum and an active modeler. He also spends time on Hyperscale. Ciao!! Henry Blecha
  5. Sprue Bros is now listing the Tamiya Extra Thin Cement Quick Setting as being available. That means that Tamiya has resolved the issues with the cement that caused them to take it off the market shortly after they announced its availability. That was a year or so ago!! Ciao!! Henry Blecha
  6. I do believe you went past that point when you went out and purchased another &(*&U)(*&) kit!!
  7. Have you googled for the information you are seeking??
  8. Apparently not since the modex on the Hornet shooter as seen in the picture provided by 11bee is 302. Ciao!! Henry
  9. Hey tosouthern66 I presume you are referring to Jerry Lewis as one who recently passed away, but who is the other person you speak of. Maybe you could be more specific. Maybe Lewis was a wrong guess on my part. Ciao!! Henry
  10. What for do you speak 11bee?? I was unable to find where a couple of ships may have collided recently. There was the finding of the USS Indianapolis wreckage in the Philippine Sea and a Blackhawk that went down off the west coast of Hawaii. That was an Army helicopter with 5 missing. Maybe you need to be a little bit more specific about what you are referring to. Have a good day. Ciao!! Henry
  11. I can answer number 1 regarding VF-41 and the Gulf of Sidra encounter with the Su-22's. Both aircraft had two AIM-9L and two AIM-7F each. They did not have any drop tanks, Phoenix (AIM-54) or the Phoenix pallets. All missiles were loaded on the wing pylons, station 1 and station 8. Sorry don't have my handy-dandy cheat sheet to make sure I get the station numbers correct, but AIM-7F's were loaded on station's 1 and 8 and the AIM-9L's were loaded on station's 1a and 8a. This applied to both aircraft. Both F-14's fired their AIM-9L from station 1a. IIRC I believe this all happened in 1991. Scalemaster also has a sheet out in the 3 basic scales covering this event. A pretty good sheet of the event although missing a couple of details that I have covered here. Primarily what was not on the aircraft. I confirmed the load out info with Capt Dave Venlet (now VAdm) in personal discussions with him on this event. He was the GIB on one of the F-14's. I can't recall if we discussed colors, but my best guess would be that all missiles were FS 36375 except for the Sparrow radome, wings and fins and the Sidewinder Guidance Section, canards and AOTD. If any questions on the info provided please give me shout. I will be back home on 29 Dec and will have access to my notes. Merry Christmas!! Ciao!! Henry Blecha
  12. I done been picked!! I choose item 27 2quik4u 1/35 StuG III Auaf F Inquisitor
  13. Great idea!! Please sign me up. Will check the never ending stash for a kit to donate. Could possibly have a one or two more. Ciao!! Henry
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