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  1. The metal gear will hold up fine. Just make sure you put plenty of weight in this sucker. Are you folding the wings? If so, it requires a lot of weight. I put in 90 grams of lead, and it still wasn't enough to keep it from being a tail-sitter. The folded wings add a lot of weight behind the main landing gear. Good luck!
  2. Build complete after much delay. Check out the completed builds thread.
  3. Bigasshammm gave you instructions on how to post pictures early in the thread. What part of those instructions wasn't clear to you? We can help once you tell us what you are having issues with. Also, your postings are difficult to read and decipher due to a lack of punctuation in needed locations, misspellings and an over-reliance on texting abbreviations. More people might respond to your questions once they can understand them. Cheers
  4. A far too busy summer has kept this build off the bench and gathering dust. It's time to move forward again! Paint is well along, have some touch-up work to do on overspray. Getting close to installing landing gear and such.
  5. Really nice work, I had never heard of this particular plane before. Nice topic to pick!
  6. Sweet paint work! In awe of just how realistic that looks.
  7. Thanks Ken. Long overdue update, finally finished seam work and put primer and preshading down. Painting has begun. Woot!
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