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  1. Can finally call this one done. Started back in the summer of 2018, Covid-furlough finally gave me time to finish it. It's resting loosely on the brass screws, so it takes on a bit of a list at times... My mother in law placed it over her fireplace...guess it's as safe there as anywhere... Thanks for looking, Ken
  2. Thanks, guys. I agree, the early vipers are very cool and mostly overlooked.
  3. Thanks! Its the old Hasegawa F-16A, with aftermarket block 10 stabs, weapons and decals. This aircraft is the wing commanders aircraft, so is colorful compared to the others. You can see it stick out from the crowd in the first photo...second in line. I have a Kinetic kit waiting in the wings. No good? Ken
  4. The inspiration: Finished! Getting some sun! On display! Ken
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DACO-1-48-F-16A-BELGIAN-TIGER-MEET-1994-AND-1998-SPECIAL-SCHEME-DECALS-/281955579481
  6. I'm hooked on World of Warships at the moment! Other than that I used to play FSX quite a lot but it got less interesting as my real world flying increased. I like real time strategy games like Men of War, as well as WWI/WWII flight sims. Rise of flight is great, I'm just hoping for a new B-17 or B-24 sim, with proper mission planning and crew manipulation. Memphis Belle II was good, but is well dated by now. Ken
  7. Thanks a lot! That's what I needed! I figured the decals were meant for a different kit, but I'll do my best... Ken
  8. I'm currently building F-15D 82-0046 of Oregon ANG. The Eagle decal for the tail does not quite fit the tail of the Academy 1/48 F-15D. If I line the edges of the decal up with the edges of the tail it leaves a strip at the top not covered by the decal. If I pull the decal up to just below the RWR I would have to trim the decal front and back, which I don't really want to do. So, my question is, is there an approximate (or exact) FS number for the "low vis" grey so I can touch up the uncovered area? Also, from looking at photos of the real thing, it seems the nose radome is a slightly dif
  9. Must have missed that part. I stand corrected.
  10. I don't think he knew before hand. You can hear ground control start to redirect traffic on the airfield due to the emergency on the runway. I think the firetrucks being there just shows how quickly they can respond. But I might be wrong. The plane should certainly be fixable. That merlin might need a sudden stoppage inspection, and the landing gear leg needs some TLC...
  11. http://www.ww2aero.com/hawker-hurricane-suffers-landing-accident-at-paine-field-video/ Looks like the right tire starts shimmying on touch down, then prop strike and loss of wheel. Good job by the pilot keeping it upright...
  12. Have anyone watched "The War at Sea"? How does that compare?
  13. Thanks guys, lots of good tips here. I'll get back to you with the results!
  14. Any one out there in the great ARC crowd have a good tip for masking front of fuel tanks for painting? I have a plane that needs a different color on the tip of the radome, and wing tip tank noses as well. Any good ideas how to mask this? I need to mask the rest of the plane, and leave the nose unmasked for that perfect paint job... Thanks! Ken
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