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  1. Try Model Car garage for photo etch sets: http://www.modelcargarage.com/store/pc/viewcategories.asp
  2. IIRC, I think the Squadron in action book on the F-4 has a photo of an early F-4E (short gun muzzle) in Vietnam with a MER of snakeyes on the left outboard pylon.
  3. You'll be getting my money as soon as the sheet as out.
  4. I haven't had any issues with Firefox. I haven't tried it in IE since all the updates to the site.
  5. I'm thinking about it if the Milwaukee NNL isn't the same day.
  6. Sounds very encouraging. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  7. I was at the Bears/Seahawks game yesterday and we got a post anthem flyover by a B-2. I couldn't get phone fast enough as the B-2 came over from behind me. That was a great sight.
  8. #88 Dark Knight Rises/Mountain Dew Chevy: Kit: Generic AMT 2010 Chevy with a resin front spoiler Decals: Powerslide
  9. All done. Finished it last week, just got time to do the pictures.
  10. The chassis is done: and the body is ready for decal:
  11. I didn't see that earlier but I see it now. All of the pictures I've seen of A-6's carrying MER's on the inboard stations only had 4 bombs loaded. Both inboard stations were empty IIRC.
  12. The load would be fine for the A-6A except for the HARM's on the outboard wing stations. The A-6 started carrying them in the 80's. Otherwise, it looks really good.
  13. More progress: I painted and assembled the interior: And then attached the roll cage: The body is primed and wet sanded smooth: and it's in the paint booth to get painted black.
  14. I got the splitter and the decals from mikesdecals.com. Powerslide is his decal line and they are printed by Cartograph so the quality is outstanding. AMT released the generic kit a couple of years ago but they can be a little hard to find. I ordered this one directly from Round 2 (round2models.com), the parent company of AMT.
  15. I believe they are flat black due to the pilots using NVG's in the cocpit.
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