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  1. I bought the Revell 1/48 Ventura Mk II (RAF), but would rather build a PV-1 (US Navy). I can work with the nose differences, but the top turret on my kit is the Boulton-Paul which differs significantly from the Martin turret. Let me know If you have a spare Martin turret and/or are interested in swapping for the Mk II version parts. Thanks.
  2. And another ... some great deals to be had ...
  3. The Corsair and Skyraider prints are sold. The Constellation and DC-4 remain.
  4. If you're not aware, Shigeo Koike is the artist for much of the older Hasegawa aircraft box art. I bought some prints from Japan, and these are left over. $25 each plus shipping ... they will come rolled. If you buy all 4, they will ship for free. These are nicely printed on thick paper and suitable for framing. Approximate print size: 16.5" x 23.3', approximate image size: 13.1" x 17.5". I framed mine with 14 x 18 frames, but 16 x 20 would also work (require some trimming).
  5. Sorry, I'm not aware of any other places worth a visit in this area.
  6. I believe that they are closed Sunday and Monday, but you may want to call and confirm.
  7. Over the last 6 months, I have been visiting a used bookstore in Richmond Hill, GA which is also selling off a very large collection of plastic models. David, the owner, purchased them from an estate in Florida. I believe that there are thousands, but he typically has 200-300 in the store at one time, and is constantly refreshing the stock. The majority are aircraft kits from the 1970's, 80's and 90's. Mostly American and European manufacturers, fewer Japanese. Some are still shrink-wrapped, most are in decent condition. No fixed prices, you will negotiate with the owner. I have found
  8. That's great...thanks for letting me know. The stoof will remain on-deck and I will buy a sheet when available. I appreciate the interesting and unique subjects you choose.
  9. Hello,


    Check out this italian hobby shop, they have your requested set in stock 🙂


    Hope, this helps

    Best regards from Switzerland


    1. Rusty_M


      Thank you Marcel.  When I add the shipping cost it becomes quite expensive.  29 euros. 🤔

      I will consider it.


  10. A vote to re-release ... I have been unable to find a copy anywhere on the market
  11. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to part with. I'd like to build a Blue Tracker
  12. I had a smooth transaction with Dmitri. The item arrived in great condition and very quickly.
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