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  1. Tried sending a PM on the P-47M and Beaufighter, but get a "not receiving PM" message error.
  2. Just bought some models from Titan (Matt). Quick communications...quick shipping and everything looks great. Highly recommended.
  3. Hi Gary,

    Interested in TwoBobs 48-001 Fighting Fulcrumds, 48-049 Wrap-around Thuds, and SS 48-253 ANG F-4's

    I think I have sent well concealed cash in the past and that's how I will pay.


    Mark Rustine

  4. Yeah ... me too. I really enjoy the research part also ... which version, which options, ordinance load, decals, etc.
  5. One last bump ... anything not sold by this weekend goes back into stash. Thank you for looking.
  6. Bump with price reductions and SPECIAL (2 x Hasegawa F-4/F-15's for $55 shipped CONUS)
  7. I have a Hasegawa F-15 to which I'd like to add the FAST packs. Sprues " H " and " I ", I believe. Let me know if I could buy these from you. Thanks, Mark
  8. Like many of you, I have too many kits. Prices do not include shipping. I can provide a shipping quote from zip 31322 (my actual cost). Paypal, MO, carefully concealed cash ... For multiple kits, make me an offer ... SPECIAL *** Any two Hasegawa F-4/F-15's for $50 $55 shipped CONUS SPECIAL *** Bf110 & Fw190 for $30 shipped CONUS Academy $20 $25 F-111C, Kit 1674, box a little twisted and plastic has tears … but still sealed. $25 F-111F, Kit 1675, box a little worn, inner bags sealed. Eduard $25 $30 Bf109-E3, Kit 8262, ProfiPACK, Bo
  9. I bought the Revell 1/48 Ventura Mk II (RAF), but would rather build a PV-1 (US Navy). I can work with the nose differences, but the top turret on my kit is the Boulton-Paul which differs significantly from the Martin turret. Let me know If you have a spare Martin turret and/or are interested in swapping for the Mk II version parts. Thanks.
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