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  1. Can you tell me one company in Europe, which was copying a plastic kits??
  2. Hey guys, does anybody of you have a pics of entry door area and cockpit/cargo space bulkhead? One friend of mine is working on C-2 conversion and the interior will be included...
  3. I am just talking, as I said, don´t see the details - the proper line could be discovered in family model plans - if you want I´ll scan some for you ;)
  4. Dr.Pepper, just my opinion (there are no lines visible on your master), the line of rear tube edge looks little too much descending, what you think? I am waiting in line too (even when I know that family model is next in line of bigT´s production line ;) )...
  5. Be carefull what you are asking, or you´ll be banned :)
  6. Well, for me - Tamiya is really ACCURATE kit. So with TAMIYA I am comparing any kit available - its logical. I was not able to compare it together, so if you have this opportunity, plus Habu´s drawing, and you are telling there´s not a problem - just throw away my post.
  7. Comparing to Tamiya it seems like that, but I have to say, that parts was in the sprue, so it was not so easy to see - I don´t think it is a big deal...
  8. I saw AM kit an hour ago and must say, that Scott was right with a shape of fuselage between flaperons and hor. stabilizers... That shape of line coming from main wing to elevator is almost straight, which is not accurate. But it´s not totaly wrong 90deg right angle, just a too little angled and curvy.
  9. Thank god for ACMI and ALQ-188...
  10. I don´t think he wants to show anythink like you are saying - a lot of modellers are interested in accuracy - for a LOT of modelers is accuracy of built model at first place - these people (I am in this group) are VERY obliged for a skilled view of people like Scott. They are the main reason I am visiting ARC Forums. Thats my point of view.
  11. Thats nice we finally managed to live to see this on a modellers table All kit looks nice, but what is that wing fuel tanks? It looks a little bit off in front section... :lol:
  12. It could be lowered for some tests, or work - do it as you want, now you see - even lowered flaps are possible...
  13. Landing gear and its wells/bays are white for sure...
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