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  1. hello my friends This project is long time to share with you step by step I use resin wolfpack and GLR Detail. the first cookpit assembly second wing assembly and vertical plane third fuselage assembly This is my project....... greetings
  2. thanks my friend.... gradually showing Chilean Aircraft
  3. ChernayaAkula Thanks, these days will share some more work.....
  4. Hello my friends This is one of my latest work, easy to assemble and a good fit, only a small change in the vertical stabilizer as the kit does not bring. The model was painted with acrylic paint for cars, first a black paint to give it rich color, then aluminum 11 that if not satisfied with the outcome. The decals are produced domestically made by my friend Pancho de La Cerda IPMS-Chile, the soiled is made with bitumen of Judea and cakes. Finally sorry my English. Greetings.
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