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  1. For sale is a mint edition of Yefim Gordon's amazing Su-27 reference book. Includes data on almost every variant. $225.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. PM if interested. Thanks for looking! Michael
  2. The following 1/32 kits for sale in NA. Sorry no PayPal and not looking for any trades at this time. All kits are open boxes with sealed contents. Prices do not include shipping: 1. Hasegawa P-40N 08195....PENDING Zotz decals 32030 2. Revell Spitfire Mk. 22/24....PENDING 3. Hasegawa Ki-84 St24....$50.00 Eduard mask set JX034 Eduard interior pe set 32542 Eduard exterior pe set 32142 Eaglestrike decals 32067 4. Hasegawa P-47D St27....$45.00 Hasegawa metal gun barrels 5. Hasegawa Fw190D-9 "yellow tail" 08176....$55.00 Eagleparts gun cover True Details wheels Eduard mask set Quickboost exhaust Quickboost gun barrels Eaglecals 32021 6. Hasegawa Fw190A-8 new tool St21....$35.00 7. BF109G aftermarket package (no kit)....PENDING Eagleparts corrected spinner Eduard mask set JX040 Quickboost exhaust Cutting Edge tail wheel Eaglecals 32046 Cutting Edge mask set 8. Eduard Bf109E-4/7 Trop 3004....PENDING 9. Pacific Coast Spitfire mk IXc 32005....$60.00 Pacific Coast mk XVI conversion set 32009A 10. 1/24 Trumpeter Bf109G-6 late 02408....PENDING Eduard seatbelts 23003 Eduard placards 23007 Montex canopy mask Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking Michael
  3. The following 1/48 kits and aftermarket for sale in NA: 1. George Tamiya N1K1JA #61038...$30.00 Eduard pe set 48152 Eduard mask set EX164 Aeromaster decals 48326 2. Sieran Tamiya M6A1 #61054...$50.00 Squadron canopy set Moskit exhaust Eduard mask set EX168 Eduard pe set 48219 3. SAM Fine Molds A7M2 Fb12 #2900...$25.00 Eduard mask set 4. Ki-115 Eduard #5088...$20.00 5. Zero Hasegawa A6M5 type 52 #JT70...$40.00 CMK cockpit set 4132 Ultracast seat CuttingEdge mask set 48225 Eduard mask set EX040 Eduard pe set 49217 6. Jack Hasegawa J2M3 #09667...$35.00 Squadron canopy True Details wheels Eduard mask set EX095 Eduard pe set 48201 7. Gekko Tamiya type 11 early #61084...$55.00 Eduard pe set 48480 Eduard mask set EX133 Eduard insignia/marking mask XF558 and XF557 8. Betty Tamiya Type 11 #61049...$55.00 True Details wheels Eduard mask set EX127 Eduard pe set 48191 9. Oscar Fine Molds Ki-43III 2400...$25.00 Eduard mask set XF131 10. Jill Hasegawa B6N1 "special version" #09325...$60.00 Eduard pe set 48280 Eduard mask set EX063 All items are opened and in original condition with sealed sprue bags. Prices do not include shipping. Sorry no trades at this time, if interested please PM me. Thanks for looking Michael
  4. Trying to raise funds to purchase a new guitar so I would like to offer the following items for sale in NA: (All items are opened and like new in original packaging) Sol Su-35/37 full conversion set Academy Su-27 kit Eduard Su-27 BigEd pe set (includes interior, exterior and missle pe sets as well as mask set) Equipage Su-35 resin/rubber wheel set Aires Su-27 cockpit set Linden Hill Flanker stencil decals I also have a 1/32 Fisher Sea Fury (Cartograf decals) with the extra wingfold set and diamond tread tires for sale if anyone is interested. Sorry no trades. If interested please PM with a reasonable offer Thanks for looking Michael
  5. Zach, The company that offers the 1/72 GE cans is Dr. Pepper resins out of Malayasia. They are very nice if you can get your hands on them. Try here: http://drpepperresins.com/
  6. The following kits for sale in NA. All are open boxes with sealed contents (most have had the clear parts removed and placed in more protective ziploc bags). Payment by USPS money order or cleared check. Kits ship from zip 35173. 1. Hasegawa Ki43 II motorized 51948....PENDING FM cockpit set 480202 TD wheels Eduard mask EX193 Eduard pe set 49202 Superscale decals 48-516 Arawasi decals 48002 2. Hasegawa Ki43 I 09589...PENDING Eduard mask set XF134 TD wheels Eduard pe set 48385 Aeromaster decals 48-319 3. Hasegawa Ki43 II 09491...PENDING Eduard mask set EX193 Eduard pe set 49202 TD wheels FM cockpit set Superscale decals 48-515 4. Ki43 aftermarket....PENDING Eduard mask set EX193 FM cockpit set 5. Eduard Tempest Profipack 8022...$40.00 TD wheels Squadron vac canopy Quickboost exhaust Eduard pe set 48204 Aeromaster decals 48-328 6. Academy Spitfire mk XIVe....$45.00 Aeroclub full conversion set mk14e or mk18 Squadron vac canopy Ultracast wheels Ultracast seat TD cockpit set 48535 Eduard pe set 48446 Eduard mask set EX128 Aeromaster decals 48-549 If interested please pm me. Thanks for looking Michael
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