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    T-28A 1/48

    Thank you all for your replays, my original idea was to do a monogram and during that time I get few bits one is a crowning and the engine to go an A
  2. mfchi

    T-28A 1/48

    Trying to build a T-28A using the Roden kit; other then the engine parts and two blade props what else I will need to do in order to get this right....TIA
  3. I contact Diego on Facebook with out a problem , regarding the set so far looking good and fit well
  4. Thanks Tim for the tip, I just buy the kit I’m not the person how made it, since is the only set to build the M
  5. I found our on Facebook this is not his first set , no page yet but can look for the guy his name is Diego Romero ; he is coming with a page some time this week
  6. The set in no copy of none of the mentioned company’s , AFV just give you the new Exhaust and some antenas $39 on eBay this new set give you full interior and exterior the box art shows the Mexican Navy but can be build like any M US Army; the picture I post don’t show the complete set jus the mayor component
  7. Hi looking for this book, Polish Wings 11 ;if any welling to ,sell let me know TIA Marco
  8. The HC-139 from Heller is the same as Italeri, white plastic; they represent an early HC-130H, you will need new decals since heller give you only old version only say Coast Guard- and now is U.S.Coast Guards need a FLIR by the nose the rear door needs the tube used for the flares and add a square window on the side
  9. Hi lookin for a set of True Details AIM-26B 1/48 if some one can help please let me know; TIA Marco
  10. Hi I’m looking for a set of superscale 48-1257 for the A-37 if any one can help, please let me know
  11. Hi Kursad if the Tucano still available I will take it please let me know Ragards Marco
  12. Thank you guy for replay, for a minute was thinking is me only
  13. Why there is no much interest from the manufacture on French Helicopters like the Puma , Super Puma , Cougar I will love to see it in 1/48
  14. Hi to all, few week ago I was looking for the Hobbycraft CT-141 Tutor 1/48, well found one but now I’m looking to buy the Uncle Bill’s resin set if any of you welling to part please le me know Thanks in advance Marco
  15. May be a second part of the Tucanos with markings for Argentina Ecuador and few Venezuelan
  16. Nice can't wait for the kit and the decals ,where do you get the kit?
  17. WTB the Hobbycrafts CT-141 Tutor prefer the Snowbirds boxing thank you in advance Marco From Chicago
  18. yes Annetra was the name of the company, but no news from them in some point was a comment abut AMK helping with the production, is is the case and will have the same quality as the MiG-31 I wait
  19. yes with that money I can buy 2 trumpeter 1/35 kits; let's hope the injected plastic kit come soon I'm surprise Hobbyboss or Trumpeter don't come out wit the 1/48
  20. don't know who will be selling the kit here at US but this guys from Poland are very good and only take around 8-10 days. search for modelmaker decals they have a post and is the company involve with the production of the kit decals
  21. AWC Models kit is coming late this month preorders in Poland open, resin kit full interior price $156 Euros
  22. Hi hope some one out there can help me; looking for a set of Flying Leathernecks decals FL48012 for the V-22; I'm building this kit for Friend who is a pilot of the VMX-22 and need that set to complete the kit, even partial with the VMX-22 will help Thank you in advance Marco mfchi8821@gmail.com
  23. that is a great news Chris and thank you much; on the MV-22 USMC also needs a new retractable refueling probe
  24. Agree with Jimmy;hope the exterior don't take long, already have one on the table USMC and really need the exterior
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