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  1. Yarm6: As far as the live RB 75 goes, I actually have no idea if the writing is in Swedish or English on the live ones, never seen one. I would suppose in Swedish, since the inert ones have Swedish writing. Yellow band for live warhead though, but generally in Sweden we only use one band not to confuse. So only one yellow band for the warhead, no brown band for the rocket motor, it is considered as a live missile with live rocket motor just by the yellow band. DarkKnight: 1. They would be removed in wartime, and the red numbers on the fin would be replaced by black ones,
  2. Just found this thread, and have to make some corrections to previous statements. To give a little background on my credibility, I did my conscript military service in the Swedish Air Force as a mechanic on the JA 37 Viggen fighter, then went on to pre-officers training on the JA and SK (trainer) 37 Viggen. After my officer academy years, I ended up as an aircraft technician on the JAS 39 Gripen, and in 2005 I transitioned to helicopters, were I am emplyed as a flight engineer as of today. So, back to the Viggen. You guys are almost correct, but there are a few things to point out:
  3. Well, I just read on Zvezdas Facebook page that they will in fact release a standard C-130J in 2022. So I guess this issue will be a non issue within a year... ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all your replies, guys!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys..! So, if anyone happen to have the Zvezda C-130J engines for sale, or want to swap for C-130H engines, just let me know... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Hey guys, Having no knowledge whatsoever about the C-130, I'm trusting you guys to help me on this one. ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm thinking about the possibility to convert the Zvezda 1/72 C-130J-30 into a standard C-130J, wanting to do the current Blue Angels "Fat Albert". I can see the fuselage has to been shortened, but how much and where? Any other things that needs to be changed/addressed? Are there any decals available for the current Blue Angels C-130J? Thanks in advance! Regards, Nick
  6. The Mr.Paint MRP-175 Swedish Blue-gray is spot on for the under surfaces, but as Mstor says, the colors for the top are a bit too dark from the bottle. With some work and color mixing, it is still possible to get a good result out of the Mr.Paint colors for the top.
  7. Maybe in the US, but there are many other countries still flying the C-130H.. :)
  8. The circle "sensor" looks like a standard radio altimeter transmitter/receiver panel to me, although I don't know. But that would be my best guess.
  9. Hey guys, Looking through some Pictures for an upcoming build, I've noticed some kind of antenna just behind the canopy on Canadian CF-188 Hornets. Could anyone enlighten me on what this is for? If anyone has measurements on it, it would be even better! :) Antenna 1 Antenna 2 On the above photos, it is the round disc behind the canopy. TIA!
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for the Academy 1/72 scale F/A-18D Hornet, kit #12422. Has anyone out there got a kit or two for sale at a reasonable price? Must be complete (minus weapons) and unstarted. Don't need to be sealed. I will pay for shipping to Sweden, and prefer PayPal as payment option. TIA!
  11. A nicely done paintjob, looks really good! (y) Didn't think legacy Hornets could carry five gas bags, but obviously I'm proved wrong. Also love the loadout, it just looks so cool! Will steal that idea for one of my builds... ;)
  12. Aerobat, I will for sure post it in this thread if I find any decals! No luck so far though...
  13. Hi dnl42, Thanks for the offer, but since I'm looking only for the Team Iskra decals, I have no interest in the kits.
  14. Moose Republic Decals is the way to go nowadays. Rebell Hobby has them, but you can also order directly from Moose Republic. Earlier decals are really nice, this company changed name recently from RBD decals. Moose Republic Decals 1/72 scale Best of luck!
  15. dnl42, yes, they do have decals, and Arma Hobby does indeed make an Iskra kit, but none has decals for Team Iskra, the Polish display team. mhsuzuki, thanks for that, I will contact them and find out if any decals are planned in 1/72 scale.
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