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  1. Couple questions about this kit. Did they fix the nose droop in this kit? What is the overall impression of fit, etc of this kit? One of the reasons I was drawn to this kit was the fact that Kinetic includes so many pods and weapons unlike Hasegawa making you spend more money to arm the plane but, it is my understanding that Kinetic did not include any Israeli weapons in this kit, so to call it a SUFA I am not sure. I mean even Academy include Israeli weapons in there F-15I kit, did Kinetic miss the ball here now becoming Hasegawa that you have to go and purchase Skunkworks Israeli weapon
  2. What are the major issues with this kit?..cockpit hub and the intakes? Who makes the best fitting resin cockpit tub for this kit? Any other issues with this kit I should be aware of? Does anyone make resin wheels for this kit?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Was not sure as I have heard that alot of Aires stuff does not fit that well. I would assume the Aires cockpit comes with the banger seats and they are nice also.
  4. Who makes the best resin cockpit for the Has CF-18 and F/A-18F? I am not sure whether to use a resin cockpit or order Eduard colored cockpit detail set as it looks really nice too to dress up the cockpit and the ejection seats.
  5. And a nice 1/48 Su-27 and maybe some Tornado's also. Would also like to see some new mold 1/48 Tomcats from someone like Tamiya. I know Hobby Boss is doing them but there kits are hit and miss.
  6. Very sorry, I meant to say the F-22A is not going to receive future funding. I think there was a total of 187 aircraft and I guess the future is up in the air.
  7. It's nice to see Hasegawa release a new jet kit in 1/48 but why a jet that is no longer going to be in service? It would be nice to see something new or redue the F-15E and do a F-15I like Academy did.
  8. Since all Model Master jet greys are dead flat has anyone ever mixed Testors Gloss Coat with the paint to get a semi-gloss finish for decaling?
  9. I was thinking (go figure) what is taking Tamiya so long in doing a 1/48 2 seat F-16? You can cleary tell by the way they molded the kit with the seperate upper front fuselage that a 2 seater has to be in the works...question is when? 2007 the F-16CJ was released, 2008 the F-16C block 25/32 and then last year 2009 we had the F-16C/N kit so is 2010 the year of the F-16DJ followed by others or will they do a 1/32 F-16 2 seater first. Not to bash the 1/32 guys but Tamiya released the 1/32 F-16 in 2004 and it took 3 years to do the 1/48 so I hope they do a 1/48 2 seater first. Also wonder if
  10. Well I look forward to watching Viperbite's build progress as I have the Revell and the new Academy OIF kits and I plan on using the Academy parts that I can on the Revell kit to bring it up to those standards. The big things for me on the Academy kit are fitting and filling the seperate wings, the sparce incorrect cockpit and blank sill walls and the intakes...well what were they thinking of when they designed them. I never ever thought Revell could have such a nice accurate model, but this F-15E is pretty sweet, just needs an updated version released and Revell would be very wise to relea
  11. Anyone start this kit yet? If so maybe can post "In Progress" section.
  12. I was not aware the missle rails were wrong. Looking at the sprues the rails looked like LAU-128 to me or pretty darn close. Looked different from the old rails provided in the Revell kit any how. I have a bunch of Kinetic F-16 kits, the rails in these kits are they not LAU-128?...if so I have a bunch of them I can use. Anyone aware if the new Academy F-15E kit has the GPS dot added?
  13. Reading many reviews of this to be the most accurate kit of the F-15E in 1/48th I just picked one up at Michael's and had a few questions on the kit and building it: 1. I noticed the external fuel tanks have raised panel lines on them as well as the horizontal stabilizes have raised detail on them, is this accurate? 2. Out of the box what period of time is this bird accuarate for...Gulf War? 3. Afterburner cans have the engine turbines molded to them on the ends, how is one to go about painting the turbine fans? 4. Any good on line build reviews for this Mudhen? 5. Anyone think using
  14. And to add less complaining and more building. Again, is your completed build going into a museum...doubt it, so be happy we have the selection of kits on the market we do today.
  15. MESHER

    F-15 Eagle

    I may give it a try and see how it can be done. The only reason I was asking was the new Academy ealge kits have been out since what the K came out in April 09 and the new E in August 09 and I have not seen anyone start these kits and post in the "In progress" forum or on any other modeling sites. I can only locate Hasegawa and ROG F-15 on line builds so I was assuming updated kits or not people were not buying and building the Academy birds. I also find is interesting how companies like Aires has resin cockpits out for kits almost before or avaiable right when the kit is released and it se
  16. MESHER

    F-15 Eagle

    What about buying the new Academy F-15E or F-15I and then also buying ROG F-15E kit and using the updated parts from the new Academy kits on the ROG kits..is this possible? The bonus would be is the Academy kit is what $45 and then the ROG is like $15 so for cheaper than a Hasegawa F-15 kit you have the nice ROG kit plus the updated parts from the Academy kit and a bunch of weapons to boot.
  17. MESHER

    F-15 Eagle

    So no one out there has bought one of these new F-15 kits from Academy and started the build process?..come on!
  18. I am building my first F-16 kit and I have a question. I just bought the Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ kit and I have an old Hasegawa F-16C kit and the instructions for the Has kit advise to add nose weight but the Tamiya instructions don't advise to do this. Can someone please shed some light on this for me.
  19. Might sound silly but sorry I don't know how to PM, how do I go about sending a PM? I did some more searching, Hasegawa did release this kit with the decals I am looking for back in 2005 and it is kit#09650 not #09802.
  20. I guess I jumped the gun. I looked at Has kit#09802 on the net closer, this kit does not come with the 50th anniv. decals with the snake head on the tails. The scheme looks almost the same but has different decals. So I guess Has did not release a kit with these decals.
  21. Yes for sure a Mig-29 but also a new Su-27 and what about a Tomcat!!!!!!!!!!...I just can't believe that Tamiya have not done this bird in 1/48. The Hasegawa has lived it's life spand and is not the most easiest to build. We are in need of a well engineered and accurate and easy to assemble F-14. Tamiya did wonders with their 1/48 F-16's and hope to see a 2 seater and maybe a Sufa, but the F-14 is like the P-51D, and I can't believe we still don't have a nice F-14 kit in 1/48th. Hobby Boss has it on it's list to release but I find their kits hit and miss like Trumpeter, some are very good
  22. MESHER

    F-15 Eagle

    Anyone know where I can cind build reviews on these new eagles? Someone had to start building at least the F-15E OIF kit.
  23. MESHER

    F-15 Eagle

    So taking this all into account, what is the concensus of the new Academy F-15E, F-15K and the F-15I kits are they worth the purchase and build?
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