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    Tamiya F4U

    I also wanted to ask what color is the inside of the engine cowling?...Interior green? The Tamiya F4U-1d kit instructions don't mention what color to paint it.

    Tamiya F4U

    On all 3 of Tamiya kits there is a foot hold on the right side inboard flap, what variant had this foot hold as Tamiya for some reason designed it in all 3 versions of their kits. Did the F4U-1/2/1a or 1d have this foot hold or was this in later post war variants? Also does anyone know the best way to fill and get rid of this foot hold as it looks a little large and deep for putty?

    F-15 Eagle

    Looking for feedback from people who have purchased the new Academy F-15E/K and I kits on how they stack up compared to Hasegawa and Revell F-15 kits? I remember years back buying the Academy F-15C/D and E kits and I had some pretty bad build experiences with them so are these new kits any better? And what about purchasing the new Academy F-15E or F-15I kit and for another $15 each purchasing the ROG F-15E and then using the Academy new pieces and weapons to update the Revel kit...would this work?
  4. Hey ScottD you still going to post your photo?


    I just created an order on Eduard's site to see what the shipping charges would be to Canada where I live and it states orders over $150.00 (PE and Masks only) FREE SHIPPING. Wow! Now I know I may get dinged by Border/Customs but that is not bad.
  6. Looking for tips on how to paint instrument panels. I am currently working on 1/32 P-40E, Ki-61, Ki-44, P-47D and the decals for the instrument panel are not that great. I have all the instrument panels painted flat black but I don't know whether to dry brush with silver, try to pick out each little guage with white paint or what process is used for the dials. I picked up a white Prisma Pencil as I heard they worked good and they work like crap unless I am using it wrong. I would really appreciate any tips or advice or online articles I could refer to.

    Academy F-15I

    What I don't understand is they released 3 new eagles. The F-15E comes with the PE sheet (nice touch) but would it of been so hard to put the PE in the F-15K and F-15I kits.
  8. Has anyone tried this decal solution from Tamiya? I have always used Micro Set/Sol but my supply finally ran out and I was thinking of trying this but not sure what it is like. The Set/Sol was a 2 step and now this is a one step.
  9. Crazy I know, but just to clarify I am trying to compare the Tamiya 14 P-47 to the Hasegawa 1/32 P-47. I have both the M kits from each manufacturer and was just comparing the parts and instructions and that is what lead me to start this thread. One thing that stood out between the 2 kits was the Hasegawa M kit has a shelf insert that goes on top of the instrument panel under the windsheild this is the same insert as in their P-47D kit. But the Tamiya M and D kit does not have this insert and I was trying to figure this out.
  10. Looking for feedback on what P-47 kits are more accurate or nicer Hasegawa 1/32 P-47D/M or Tamiya P-47D/M. I know they are different scales but there are a couple things I noticed. The Tamiya P-47RB and D kit has different cockpit floors, the Hasegawa D/M have the same cockpit floors. The Tamiya M kit has different head rests and the Hasegawa M only offers one. The Hasegawa M kit has a cover plate that goes over the top of the instrument panel which will be under the front windsheild, the Tamiya M kit does not have this part also, the gun sight in both M kits differ quite a bit. Can anyon
  11. MESHER

    Tamiya P-47M

    I just picked up a Tamiya P-47M kit and have a question on the parts in the instructions. In step 3 they indicate to use the filet (part L12) that goes on the spine (sorry if that is not the correct term name for the peice) but on the sprue tree there are actually 3 filets but there is no mention of the other 2. Does anyone know what the other 2 are for?
  12. MESHER

    Eduard Fw-190D

    I thought Eduard was getting better. I just don't get these inaccuracies and errors in a new 2010 kit after they have done so many FW kits. I have their F6F Hellcat kits and it is so nice, easy to assemble and pretty darn accurate (minus the wheel issues but hey that is why there is Ultracast and their great wheels). But the canopy issue to me is just unacceptable. How do all you others feel about this kit?
  13. MESHER

    Tamiya FW190D-9

    Well I am debating getting the MDC sets. I was also thinking of just waiting for the Eduard Dora but in reading the review and looking at the pictures in a thread on this site it seems the Eduard kit has it's issues like the canopy, upper gun cover buldges, etc. So I am just not sure what to do.
  14. MESHER

    Tamiya FW190D-9

    Has anyone used the MDC Wheel Well Correction adn the MDF Exterior Set on the Tamiya kit? Just wondering how good the fit is?
  15. MESHER

    Eduard Fw-190D

    Is there an official release date for this kit? All I can find is January but not the exact date.
  16. Did you use the new Tamiya paints? Simply FANTASTIC!
  17. Just wanted to start a thread to discuss the future of WWII prop kits. I am so suprised on how big 1/32 scale is taking off and getting. There are so many nice kits on the market now in this scale but the room for growth is huge. I mean we still need Hasegawa to do some big popular kits like P-51, F4U, Typhoon, Hurricane, Hellcat (new molds that is) and I am sure the list goes on and on. But what about 1/48th? Almost everything has been done by some manufactureer. But I look at how well the Tamiya P-51/P-47/Me262 kits still sell and you see them build every where. So my question is wha
  18. I was asking re: types of wheels as why Tamiya supplied the smooth non-tread type as they are usually pretty accurate in the wheels in their kits.
  19. With decanting and airbrushing how does Tamiya Bare Metal Silver, Silver Leaf, Gloss Aluminum compare to Alclad? Also, I have bought some Mr Surfacer 1200/1000 in the jar, do I thin this with Lacquer Thinner for airbrushing on as a primer?
  20. Thanks for the painting info, much appreciated. I think I will go with Model Master paints as they have everyone by FS# and look pretty accurate. I really like the Navy Blue/Grey they have in their Series II line. I would really appricate someone chirping in on my other questions regarding the differences in tires and the step hole in the flap. Thank you.
  21. Anyone use this paint? How is it? I find normal flat blacks are too grainy of a finish. So I was thinking of trying this paint.
  22. I am trying to locate information on colors for these aircraft. There was 3 different paint schemes correct? What were they? I would appreciate any FS numbers and the different brands of paints that would be the best matches for each one of the paint schems. Would model master paints be the best to use? All the Tamiya kits come with smooth tires but I see Ultracast has diamond, radial, block and smooth tread tires available. What types used these different tires? The footstep in the flap, was that only in the F4U-1D and needs to be removed for the 1a and 1/2?
  23. I just picked up a bottle of this and was wondering how it is used. Do you use this in place of thinner or as well as thinner? I've been told that the retarder will help the flat paints like Tamiya flat back/white be smooth instead of a grainy finish. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this.
  24. MESHER

    Oil Paint Wash

    I model WWII props, alot of German aircraft, some U.S. and a bit of British. So if I want to start with my first oil wash using Winsor & Newton oil paints what would be the best colors to start with for panel lines and wheel wells, landing gear, etc? It was mentioned paynes grey but I feel that might be best for jets with alot of grey paint schemes. I need something that will look good on olive drab, bare metal, german grey/greens, etc. I was told black is way too dark and strong. Also, what is the best type of thinner to use? I would prefer an odorless one, I have heard of Grumbacher Odor
  25. I was just thinking the other day that Tamiya has not released very many 1/48 prop kits in the last 8 or so years. I look back from 1995 to 2003 and in this 8 year span they released so many kits like P-51B/D, Mosquito's, Beaufighters, Corsairs, ME109, Me262, FW190, P-47's just to name a few. I think there is a kit total of over 30 prop kits in 8 years and now since 2003 not too many at all. Would be so nice to see them do a Typhoon, ME109G series, a nice new proper FW190D-9 and I am sure the wish list goes on. Now I assume in the next 2 years we will see a few shrunk down 1/48 variants of
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