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  1. Looks fantastic, what brand of paint did you use?

    RLM O2 Grey

    What is more accurate in color, Tamiya or Gunze RLM02? To my eye Gunze looks okay but Tamiya RLM Grey XF-22 looks kind of weird.

    P-51D Painting

    What Alcad colors would I require for a BMF on a Tamiya 1/48 P-51D? I am thinking Aluminum for the overall color, but I don't know what color to use for the panels around the exhaust, I know they are suppose to be a bit darker. What should I use for a 3rd shade for various other panels?
  4. I just sprayed some Model Master Interior Green which is a flat paint but now that it is dry it is semi-gloss looking. What did I do wrong? Not stir the paint well enough? too much thinner? wrong air pressure? I can't figure it out.
  5. Tamiya made 3 new paints for this kit but failed to make a RAF Interior Green and advise to use their IJN Cockpit Green, hm...weird? I am not sure if that is a very accurate color match and is questionable given the price of this kit. Sure I know everyone has their own paint brand they prefer and there are several companies that make an accurate RAF Int Green but still makes me wonder. I have seen a few in progress picks of this kit and so far everyone has used the IJN Cockpit Green.
  6. Has anyone studied the instruction sheet for this kit and found any paint color inaccuracies for details painting? The instructions call to paint 95% of the engine X-18 Semi-Gloss black and I am not sure if that is correct. In the little detail book provided in the kit the real picture of the engine it looks more like Anadonic Grey or Gunmental not black. Also wanted to ask where the flaps up or down when parked on the ground? Never build a Spitfire kit that had seperate flaps.
  7. I have heard that many people use a Tamiya Smoke wash for the cockpit. I assume you don't have to thin this down as it is so thin and clear to begin with. Do you have to gloss coat the cockpit before applying the smoke wash? Would this also be a good color of wash for wheel wells and landing gear? I also have heard of people using Nato Black/Brown mixed 50/50 and thinned and applied as a wash on wheel wells and landing gear. Again, does the landing gear and wheel wells need to be gloss coated first? If I use Future for my gloss can you apply a acrylic wash over this with out ruining the futu
  8. Like the F-16 kit I know they will release the Spit in 1/48 the question is how long will that take I wonder?
  9. Anyone know what this type of olive drab was used for? Model Master has it in it's SeriesII paint line.
  10. MESHER

    Spitfire Details

    Can anyone explain to me what Mk's of Spitfire's used the Sutton Harness seat and what one's used the "Q" Type Harness seat? And what about the 3, 4, 5 spoke wheels?
  11. MESHER

    Promodeler Me410

    Is this kit any good? Anything to watch out for? I can get this kit for $20.
  12. MESHER


    The Accurate Miniatures B-25B instruction sheet indicates the cockpit and navigation station is done in Medium Green FS34092 (I think this should say Dark Green but any how) Model Master#1764, Humbrol #149 and Gunze #302. The rest of the internal fuselage (minus the bomb bay which is aluminum) indicates Zinc Chromate FS33637 Model Master #1734, Humbrol #149 and Gunze H312. I believe the Green FS34092 is the same color most people use for the P-47 cockpits. The instruction sheet for the B-25 is pretty good and detailed. The only thing to my eyes they missed was what color to paint the insid
  13. MESHER


    Charlie I don't know if it is just the light in your pictures but that interior green there looks much more like Testors Model Master Zink Chromate. On that note the B-25B Accurate Miniatures kit I have advises they did painfull reseach on the B and that all their color call outs etc are very accurate. In the instructions they use the Dark Gull Green for the cockpit area and Model Master Zinc Chromate for the rear internal structure of the plane.
  14. MESHER


    What about the different style of tires for the P-47, diamond and block tread, covered diamond and block tread. Was the tires specific to a certain Thunderbolt or did they just use whatever was available? Did the Razorback use the same as the Bubbletop?
  15. MESHER


    Would you be able to research which style of tires a plane had? In war time would they not just use what was available?..if yes then I should be able to use whatever style of tires I like, correct?
  16. GGoheen, I have not got to the part in the build yet where I attach the struts, I was just going by the remark "crazydon" made stating they were to short. Good to know they are okay, thanks. The other question I have is what Bf109 (or did all of them) have the seem down the spine of the aircraft?
  17. I am concerned with the kit decals also as Tamiya are on the thick side but they are also 10+ years old. If the tailplane struts are to short, how do I go about fixing them as if I glue the tailplanes on level, then the struts won't reach or am I missing something here?
  18. Building my first German WWII plane. I know this kit is old but does anyone know where I can locate a build review for this kit? Is the cockpit color not RLM02? I have seen pictures of completed builds and some cockpits are RLM02 and some are RLM66. I thought the early Messy's has RLM02 cockpit.
  19. MESHER


    To be honest I am not sure yet, I am building the Tamiya P-51B kit but I will not be using the kit decals. I still have to shop for a cool decal sheet for this bird.
  20. MESHER


    Shrouded and unshrouded exhausts, and diamond, block and radial tread tires. How do you which to use? I am building a P-51B.
  21. MESHER


    What was a typical load for the P-47D Razorback and the P-47D Bubble Top? I am referring to the center/wing different drop tanks, rocket launchers and bombs. I am working on a couple Tamiya P-47D kits and most completed hits I see don't have much at all if anything and Tamiya's box is stuffed with armament.
  22. MESHER


    What color is the cockpit and the interior of this beast? I have some mixed feedback regarding dark green, medium green, interior green and believe it or not zinc chromate green.
  23. MESHER

    1/48 vs 1/32

    Again I think it is all personal preference and where you live and are located and what is available to you. I too live in Cananda and have the same issue. My big city is Toronto Ontario and the model shops arounds use to stock lots of resin and photo etch and detail sets and decals. Now they only stock kits (and not as much as they use to) and paint and supplies, but as far as Eduard photo etch and things like that they just don't stock them. IMHO I think 1/32 is really nice, but 1/48 there is more kits available, you can really detail up 1/48 also, and there is lots of detail sets and th
  24. I would like to know also where the sprue shots are. I've been searching on the net and I can find them.
  25. Others can chime in but I don't think the Tamiya D-9 is that bad, I believe there are 2 things that are not accurate about it, but again, it is a model not a museum master piece. I think some guys do more analizing kits then the do building them, that is just MHO as no kit is perfect. Does it look like FW190, then that is good enough, spend more time building the kits and less time listening to all the analysts.
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