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  1. Is Squadron still making Walk Around books? I loved those books but have not seen any new ones in a long time.
  2. Can anyone confirm I only require right side targeting pod? Is this the same pod found in the Block 25/32 kit? Did the Block 40 ever get the IFF installed?
  3. Looking for a good F/A-18E/F book. I know of the Detail & Scale book, is there any other good books available on this jet?
  4. I have this kit and I also have a Kinetic F-16DG/DJ kit does anyone know what parts I need from the Kinetic kit to make the Tamiya kit into a F-16c Block 40 Night Falcon? I would assume AN/AAQ-13 and 14 pods and some GBU's? What about the airframe itself, do I have everything in the Tamiya kit to make the Block 40 airframe?
  5. Is there any new companies or other companies that make a 1/32 scale cockpit set for the Academy 1/32 F-16? What would I need to make a IDF F-16 Block 40 out of this kit?
  6. Sorry one more question. Okay, purchased some W&N oil paints, I did the burnt/raw umber and paynes gray, did not pick up black as someone advised it is way to strong and dark. So I have a test wing painted and futured and has been drying for over 2 days. I also pick up some Sansador to thin the paint and make my wash. I have appliled a wash of Paynes Gray. Now I just wanted to double check, I have to leave this wash on for 12 hours before I remove it...is that correct?...seems like a real long time.
  7. No doubt this is a great kit with the options you get in the box but when can we expect a 2 seater? I hope to see one by year's end. I think with how nice these kits are and Tamiya waiting to pop the 2 seater, when they do I think there is going to be huge supply/demand issues. Here in Canada Ontario where I live all the hobby stores can't keep these kits in stock and there is only one supplier for Tamiya in Canada which is Borgfeldt and they are even having problems getting stock of these Vipers. It will be interesting to see if they pop the 2 seat in 1/32 first and then 1/48 later, I hop
  8. I thought the Block 50 had the IIF antenna. The reason I ask is in the Tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ kit the part is there but the instructions state it is not used on the kit. Was this a CCIP update later on on the Block 50 after Tamiya made the kit? But then why was the part included in the kit?
  9. Thanks guys, that makes sense to me now. I really appreciate the information.
  10. Sorry about that, I should of found this thread. Thanks for the link. The only scriber available to me in my area is the Tamiya one, so I was hoping to get some feedback from others on it's performance.
  11. What's some options for good scribers for 1/48 scale? Brands, etc.
  12. I found this in digging around on the net. U. S. Air Force F-16 "Hill" Scheme 1990´s Overall FS 36270 Medium Grey Topsides FS 36118 Medium Gunship Grey From the mid 90`s the Hill Scheme is the Standard for USAF F-16 This article did not mention anything about the radome. I am interested to know would this mean that all hard points and fuel drop tanks are also Medium Gray. Would the missle bodies still remain light ghost grey?
  13. Thanks Stefan. So you are saying this is the new scheme that started in 1997 where the Light Ghost Grey FS3375 was replaced by Medium Grey FS36270 also known as The Hill Scheme? So now the current F-16's are 2 tone grey FS36270 and FS36118 with a Dark Gull Grey nose cone, is this correct? If Tamiya did their research with Lockheed Martin why would they have the 3 tone paint scheme in their kits that were made after this new paint scheme was introduced? I am just trying to get an accurate F-16 paint scheme as all kits I have seen in various scales and released after 1997 show the 3 tone pai
  14. Thank you for the info. I live in Canada and really wanted to get my hands on some Promodeler Washes but I can only fine them available on line to order in the U.S. at Sprue Brothers and I don't really want to order from outside of Canada. So I guess I will try the oil wash and pick up some Winsor & Newton oil paints and thinner from Michael's Crafts and give that a try.
  15. Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ kit instructions advise to use the clear canopy for the rear and the smoke canopy for the front main canopy, is this correct? Also the black trim around the canopies...how is this masked as the front is black lined with fuselage color on main outline and the rear canopy is black lined...would you use semi gloss black to paint this? The paint scheme indicates Light Ghost Gray, Medium Gray and Gunship Gray, but for the nose cone they indicate RAF Dark Gray, I use Model Master paints, can someone advise what color the nose cone is?
  16. If I was to buy the above products what is the process for the wash? How do you know when it is thinned enough to apply? How long do you wait to whipe it off? Do you apply with small brush/large brush all over? Do you use a paper towel dipped in thinner to whipe off or q-tips?
  17. What is the best way to remove jet canopies from their sprues without chipping/wrecking the canopy? Also, what is the best way to mask of a canopy? I have lots of Tamiya tape I am just scared to put it on the canopy and cut it with a knife and cut into the clear canopy.
  18. MESHER


    I have always used Testors Model Master Grey Primer and have never had a problem. Thin it well and apply it through an airbrush, comes out nice and smooth with a semi gloss finish.
  19. I am working on my first F-16 kit, it is a Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ. I wanted to know do I glue the 2 intake parts together and try and fill the seams inside before airbrushing it white? Gloss white or flat white? Do you prime before the white? Is it not hard to airbrush with the intake put together..not much room to spray inside the intake once it is together. Any tips on how to fill and sand the seams inside the intake?
  20. Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ kit instructions advise to use the clear canopy for the rear and the smoke canopy for the front main canopy, is this correct? Also the black trim around the canopies...how is this masked as the front is black lined with fuselage color on main outline and the rear canopy is black lined...would you use semi gloss black to paint this?
  21. 2 seater would be great but the Block 25/32 would be nice or even a block 40. My understanding way back when Tamiya popped the 1/32 F-16CJ is that every modern jet in 1/32 they would do in 1/48 and vs versa, this could of been a rumour. This kit is what 4 years old and they have done 4 1/48 scale 16's since it's release.
  22. Do you think we will ever see a new 1/32 F-16 kit from Tamiya? What would it be? They have done 4 in 1/48 scale and 2 in 1/32 (I am counting the Thunderbird kits).
  23. Does it matter if you are building a Block 40 or a Block 50 or all the same problems for both? What is required to build a F-16C Block 40 IDF out of this kit?
  24. Thanks Draggie748, that is the bird I am looking to do! You are too kind.
  25. Just wanted to comment on the instructions are not the greatest for this kit. On page 13, step 19 in the instructions does anyone know is kit part M5 (also kit part M6)the LAU-114 or LAU-129? They show both but don't indicate which one is which. Also found it weird that there was not decal stencil data for the Sniper SR pod. It is kind of weird they don't indicate what hard point goes where or what is for the block 40 and what is for the block 50.
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