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  1. I know we have not seen the Kinetic F-16I sprues as of yet but I still think the Kinetic will be a better kit. Hasegawa tosses in some new moulded sprues but the airframe is still the same old kit. I have the Kinetic F-16DG/DJ and yes it is not Tamiya fit but IMHO blows away the Hasegawa kits by miles in detail for sure. I think the F-16I from Kinetic will be the better kit to purchase.
  2. I should of been more clear in my original post. I was asking F-16 questions and the first one question regarding cockpit color had nothing to do with the Tamiya kit. I just purchased the Kinetic F-16DG/DJ kit and the instructions for the cockpit color was Gunze H308 Light Ghost Grey. Well then I am happy, I have been searching around for a Tamiya F-16 and everyone is out of stock and only had the Thunderbird kit. I thought you could only build the Thunderbird out of that kit, I am far from and F-16 expert, so I am learning about the different blocks and I am happy I can buy that kit and b
  3. I want to build the Block 52 aircraft, so I assume if I buy the Tamiya F-16C "Thunderbirds" Block 32/52 I have everything I require in the box to build a Block 52 (I realize I wil have to purchase aftermarket decals) correct?
  4. Question #1 What color is the cockpit in the F-16? I have read several online builds and they all used Dark Gull Grey, but the instructions on the F-16 kits I have say Light Ghost Grey, does the color change in different blocks of aircraft? Question #2 I went on a search to my local hobby stores looking for a Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50, F-16C Block 25/32 or the new F-16C/N. The only kit they have is the F-16C "Thunderbirds". Now that kit states block 32/52 so my question is can I build these blocks out of this kit? Will the instructions in the box only reference the Thunderbird? I assum
  5. As per the instructions in the new kits coming from Kinetic for the F-16C Barak and the F-16I the color reference indicates for the green FS34424. I use Model Master paints and there is no FS color for this in their paint range. The choices are: Green FS34258 (this looks pretty close to pictures I have seen) RAF Sky "Type S" (this looks a little light in shade) RAF Interior Green (this looks a bit dark in shade) What is the feelings of other regarding this green shade for IAF modern aircraft?
  6. My bad, sorry I was not more specific. Yes I was referring to the purpose they are used on the real aircraft. It must not be a popular canopy option used in modelling as you indicated.
  7. I am not a modern jet expert by any means but I would appreciate if someone could explain to me the use of a tinted canopy? Most F-16 kits and several other jet kits include a tinted canopy in their kits, when should this type of canopy be used? I don't see this type of canopy used very often at model contests/shows or building articles I have seen.
  8. Well I pretty much have this kit together and ready for painting. I think the kits fit is really good, just a few notes. The canopy rail fit to the fuselage is the biggest disappointment in my opinion, no problem if you do the canopy in the up/open position. I had no problem with the intakes at all, figuring out the inside grey/white painting line demarcation was a bit challenging. I wanted to do the first one with the armament bay doors closed, the main bottom bay door fit great closed, the sides were a bit tricky and not the greatest fit, but I suppose most will want to model this bird w
  9. I just finished painting a 1/48 Revel F-15E and masked off the metal areas for the engines/afterburner section and sprayed MM Metalizer and it ate the MM Enamel Gunship Grey under neath. It looks like eating or pealing away. Did I do something wrong? Should I be using some other kind of metal paint? I do have some Gunze Lacqor paints, would these be better or because of the lacqor in these metal paints it will still eat away at the under lying paint?
  10. Does anyone know a online site I can order Promodeller Wash and Micro Mesh Finishing Kit? I prefer a Canadian supplier but U.S. will be fine too. Searched on the net and Promodeller was was from Europe, I would prefer not to order from that far away. I live in Canada.
  11. I am looking for a good simple way to do a panel line wash (or wash in general for cockpits, wheel wells, aircraft body panel lines, weapons). Some told me to paint the jet, gloss coat or future it and then use Model Master Gloss Black (must be gloss paint to flow proper in the panel lines) and really it thin down the Gloss Black with Testors Thinner and then apply with small brush, let it run into the panel lines, wait about 30 minutes and then take cotton swabs dipped in Testors Brush Cleaner and wipe off but leave black in panel lines. Is there other ways of doing a wash? Other kinds of
  12. What is the best flat black paint brand people have used on jets (cockpit rails, combings, huds, etc)? I have tried Tamiya and Gunze and find they are very grainy and Model Master Interior Black seems to spray funny for me.
  13. MESHER


    What grits of nail polishing sanding sticks? I already use these kind of stick for general modelling, the ones I have are course on one side and I think fine on the other side, but the course side is kind of course for canopies, I would worry that the scratches would be too deep. How or where do you hold on to the canopy when you dip it in Future Floor Wax? Once removed would the Future not have runs all over the canopy?
  14. MESHER


    What materials/supplies do I require to remove the seam on jet aircraft canopies and what is the process? I realize I would probably have to scrap the seam down with a knife but not sure about sand paper grits and polishes. My local hobby store does not carry Micro Mesh or anything like that. Any advise or assistance would be much appreciated.
  15. Has anyone heard any information on Trumpeter releasing 1/32 Eurofighter, F-14D and a F/A-18E? Announcing is one thing but will they ever hit the shelves...look at how long we have been waiting for the announced Intruder, how many years has that been?
  16. I know the Tamiya 1/32 F-16 is the King in this scale, but is the Academy one that bad of a model? I heard a rumour about Academy releasing a 2 seater in 2009, can anyone verify this or have any information on release date etc?
  17. I just purchased this kit and in reviewing what is inside the box it looks really nice. After reviewing the instruction sheet I have a few questions I hope someone can answer or help me with. 1. Painting instructions call for FS36251 (Aggressor Gray) FS36176 (Dark Gray F-15) and FS36375 (Light Ghost Gray). Is this correct? The Aggressor Gray looks a little funny, it does not have any blue tinge to it and I would figure it would be more like Dark Ghost Gray instead? Does anyone have a after market decal sheet like Two Bob's or something that confirms the FS colors for this bird? 2. Also
  18. MESHER

    F-14 Kit

    Thanks, I will be going in on Thursday and will take a look.
  19. MESHER

    F-14 Kit

    Thanks Phantom, I look forward to seeing your cat's on display at Ed's.
  20. MESHER

    F-14 Kit

    Does anyone remember years ago (can't remember the exact year) Hasegawa released a F-14 kit with resin parts for the bomb racks where the AIM missle racks. I don't remember if this was a F-14A kit that you could make into a bombcat or if it was their first F-14B kit?
  21. Question for Viper experts. In the 1/32 scale kit tamiya provides the bird cutter IFF antennas part ahead of the canopy but the instructions show it is not used. In the 1/48 scale kit both parts are mentioned for use. My question is why can it not be used on the 1/32 scale kit?
  22. You make some very good points. I also think one of the benefits to building in 1/48 is if you want to do multiple aircraft, say you want to build 4 F-16's with different markings, sure would be expensive to build 4 Tamiya 1/32 F-16's. When it comes to jets I mostly build Hasegawa and that is why I was making the point of the no weapons in the kit, extra money to spend for example you want to build a 1/48 F-14, buy the kit and 2 weapon sets with tax you $100.00 not including resin cockpit, decals. Could end up costing as much as a 1/32 kit with full weapons. Other kits like Itelari don
  23. This may of been discussed in the past but I just wanted to start a discussion regarding jet models 1/48 vs 1/32 and what people prefer and the bang for your buck. Oviously there are more kits available in 1/48 but most of them (Hasegawa) no weapons, so you have to purchase these seperate. In both scales you may purchase resin cockpits, decal sheets. Space issues aside I feel it is easier to work with the larger scale and it is so nice you get full weapons (Trumpeter/Tamiya/Academy). Interested in others thoughts and comments?
  24. I don't want to build the Academy kit, I just suggesting purchasing the kit cheap to use the weapons from it to put on the Hasegawa F-14A.
  25. One of the decal options in this kit is VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers". The instruction advise to paint the tails Engine Gray FS16081, does this sound right?
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