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  1. I thought Robert Scott painted the spinner on "Old Exterminator" different colors over time so that the Japanese would think it wasn't just one plane. So how many different colors did he have? OD, gray, white, blue....red maybe?
  2. Okay.... okay...I see what happened here. 1/48 scale doesn't even exist in my world. On the other hand, you probably live in the dimension where 1/72 is alien. If you shift over to the universe I'm in, what I'm saying makes sense (sort of). But when you shift to 1/48 reality, then I sound crazy. It's all relative to what scale you're on about. Now, normally I don't behave this way and I'm wondering what kind of brain disorder causes this. I guess I'll find out! Anyway-- my bad.
  3. Old junky Revell kits are released side-by-side with new tool kits by Revell (OK...OF GERMANY). Why is this even a thing? Why did I rate an immediate NO YOU'RE WRONG and now more of the same? Revell's habit of doing this is disgraceful. You put out a brand new product and ALSO sell the old, old kit right next to it. At the hobby shop I can see that the new FW-200 has a much larger box. On-line it's almost impossible to tell them apart. Old and new kits have nearly identical box art! It borders on fraud. I guess that's the real problem I have with it. New Lancaster kit comes out--old kit, with
  4. My standards are lower than yours, Obi Wan. Tamiya doesn't repackage junk in new boxes. Gently aged classics--yes. Not junk like Revell's Bf-109E or P-51D in 1/72. I still consider the Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster to be a quality kit for all time. Now I'm crestfallen to discover that it is merely detritus to be blown away by the mighty wind of New Men like yourself. I appeal to all for help in restoring my crest to its original standing state.
  5. Tamiya doesn't play that game. Other makers (Revell, Airfix, Hasegawa, etc.) are known to package old junk in new boxes. I don't think Tamiya does it. I think it's disgraceful that anybody does it, without (at least) a warning on the box. Tamiya's new Zero's are The Best. Purchase with confidence. The only thing you have to worry about with Tamiya is that they do repackage Italeri kits from time to time. Nobody's perfect!
  6. Look for something large that may have sat on your kits.
  7. If you paint your house based on the color of a little paint sample from the paint store....oh my! The "really dark, dark blue" on the sample turns into a bright, circus wagon blue on your house. "Can't be the same color!" So you hold the little sample up to the newly painted siding. SAME COLOR. Exact match. It's some kind of optical illusion. Don't know how it works. But it IS real.
  8. Photo here strongly implies that it's LO@Q. Not proof...but it's very close...
  9. Lots of good info here: http://p47.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=153226
  10. To be really authentic, you just need to show the ground crew hard at work--they're always the last to know if something "heroic" happened. Show a group of other pilots with big SE grins on their faces and a bottle champagne to create a FOD hazard. Then have a full-colonel crawling up on the plane with a stencil and a can of Krylon red paint (preparing to create boo-coo work for the poor crew chief who has to remove the colonel's handiwork) and you've nailed it.
  11. The AM sheet has markings for eight Spitfires. I think R6690 is a good candidate, but L1004 and X4277 would work. Research revealed that X4330 flew for about a month, crashed, and was probably not flown by J.E. Johnson. http://hyperscale.com/2007/features/spitfireiaws_1.htm L1004 was a more interesting Spitfire. It was converted into a PRXIII and then a Seafire MkIII before it expired. I wouldn't do the 610 Sqdn Spitfire (DW@O) because that's too much like the Airfix kit version. P7531 is interesting because it should have some kind of PR canopy and can't be built OOB from a kit.
  12. Your model looks great. That tan is a difficult color to mix. It has a sallow quality that's difficult to capture, an unpleasant grayish tint that meant that while the color scheme sounded attractive when described, in reality the USAF planes that wore it were somber looking.
  13. Isn't this the part where the heroine beats on the hero's chest and says "I hate you I hate you I hate you!" C'mon guys. You'll wake up tomorrow and be back in love more than ever.
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