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  1. Hi Brian , If you want to double check some decals concerning Tomcats or VF-111 , you can always send them to me ! Cheers, Henk
  2. Chris , VF-111 never had a Tomcat with the grey and white colour scheme , when VF-111 received their F-14's , starting with the first on 16 Jun 1978 ( 160666 NL-201 ) they came new from the Grumman factory. Also , in 1991 the Sun Downers only had the CAG -bird ( 162594 NL-200 ) in full colour , all the other linebirds were in the TPS colour scheme. So no multi coloured rays on this one ........ HTH , Henk
  3. Brian , VF-301 and 302 are from CVWR-30 and VF-111 is from CVW-15 . Cheers, Henk BTW , the sheet is looking good!
  4. Hi Tomcat Fanatics , Here is a scan of a slide from the hand of Joe Cupido ( used with permission of Joe ) It a F-14D from VF-124 163897 . ( Jul 1992 ) If you are missing something below the nose , well I did too .....there is no chin pod !! was this common practice or what?? Njoy , Henk
  5. Could this be the AGM-87 Focus , a development of the AIM-9B?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-87_Focus
  6. Thanks Brian for the confirmation of "Shoebo" .
  7. The date is June 1991 taken on NAS Miramar.
  8. I have checked my slides and this I read of my slide of this bird: RIO : LCDR Daniel , call sign "Shoebo" ( could be Speedo , but it looks more like Shoebo ) Pilot : LCDR Gratas , call sign "Grits" Maybe another member knows for sure the correct call sign of LCDR Daniel! HTH , Henk
  9. Wasn't the YA-10A not in overall grey paintscheme ??
  10. Could this Jolly Rogers Tomcat be a former VF-41 Tomcat ?? I seem to remember to have seen a slide of a F-14A ( former VF-41 ) which was turned over to VF-84 , no markings on the tail , however I cannot find the slide / photo anywhere . HTH Henk
  11. Thanks , that will be a great help !!
  12. Thanks guys for your quick reactions , very helpfull ! Cheers, Henk
  13. NL-202 was on the 71/72 cruise BuNo 149430.
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