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  1. Hi guys, a little update: The other side flap have been finished, and the upper and lower sider of the wing have been assembled: The ailerons where cutted off and the edges where "rectified" with styrene sheet: You must pay attention on the wing tip union, because there's a really big gap. I started to wor on the humpback, i don't liked the poor quality union between the parts, so i fit the problem with stirene sheet: That's all for now. hope you like it!! Saludos Abraham
  2. Hi guys Moritz and Regev: Thank you very much for your comments they are welcomed Andrew: I will send you a MP, thank you very much for your help!! ;) Jackman: Thank you very much for you help!!, a friend give me his decal waste and instruction sheet for the Fujimi's A-4KU "free kuwait" wich comes with marking for an IDFAF A-4N of the Yom Kippur war, let me know if them are useful for this project, if not i will take your generous offer :) Saludos Abraham
  3. Edd: Desert camos are really nice, you can be sure that they're the best choice!! :( If you want the quick boost parts you can also try with modelimex.com Regards Abraham
  4. Thank you for your coments guys. I really appreciate them!!! :( How can i forgot the scale? it's 1/72nd scale just as the 90% of my other kits Saludos Abraham
  5. Dry fit to check the gaps All for now, please let me know your comments!!! Saludos Abraham
  6. Hi Folks This will be (i hope) a quick build, as my Su-37 is taking much more time as i have considered The base kit is the Fujimi's A-4E/F kit, i have two of them, the first will be dressed with the MiG-17's silouet aggressor scheme and the second one must be the base for the Argentine A-4B, it was very difficult to get the Fujimi's B/D version here, but finally i got it :lol: , so i have one extra scooter on my stock. I saw the Israel's A-4N in desert colors and i thought that it would be a good choice for this build, i will need some work to convert the E model to the N version, but i found very good pics here on the ARC and it seems to be an easy task. The fujimi's kit comes with finely engraved detail, but i found some difficults with the assembly... I beggin with the fuselage assembly: I'll paint the fan before add the aft section I found some difficult the union between the fuselaje halves, some panel lines where erased during the process... The rear section of the tail pipe was removed All the holes where drilled on the wing There is a big gap between the upper and lower section of the wing, so both parts must be thinned Some detail added to the flaps:
  7. Hi folks, Thundervett, thank you for your words. Have been so long since the last up date, so it's time for a little one, very little....... <_< I have worked on the horizontal tails, i added the triangular shaped elementes attached on the inner side of each plane I take the italeri's Su-27 parts and reshaped them, they are too wide and too short for the front end i added 1/2 circle styrene rod, i can't found pics of that parts, so maybe they are wrong but it's late... Before gluing... Attached parts Now i only need to add a pair of rivet details, the "shaft" and polish the parts, i'm seriously thinking about cast the parts for the rest of my flanker kits, there are just one matter: I never have do that :lol: What do you think, any ideas? The static dischargers will be the last details to be added. Saludos Abraham
  8. Dragan, You did a great job re-building this kit, i liked very much the paint job. Abraham
  9. Hi Hubert: Nice plane and nice build, keep on!!
  10. Hi Jim, I liked very much yuor mirage, you did a splendid job on the Hiplanes kit Saludos Abraham
  11. Hi Edd, I liked very much your migs, you did a splendid job on these special versions. Hope see finished your early fisbeds soon!! Abraham
  12. Alrite: Thank you very much for your tip, i will try with them. Miguel2005lima: Muchas gracias por tus comentarios, al igual que cualquier crítica son bienvenidos. La mayor parte de los remaches los he marcado con una punta de repuesto para compás, ya que la remachadora es un poco difícil de controlar en superficies curvas , siento que tengo un mejor control de esta manera y el resultado es igual de bueno :D Aunque el plano original del Su-37 está en escala 1/72 (la verdad es que está muy alargado y un poco estrechado es decir no concuerda con la relación que mensionas, si ajustas la longitud no coicide la envergadura y viceversa ), el plano que bajé directamente de airwar.ru está deformado, por lo que tube que ajustarlo, no recuerdo cuánto hay que aumentarle, porque es más pequeño de lo que debería de ser, sería muy difícil basarme solo en el plano del su-37, es por eso que me he auxiliado con los dibujos del Su-27, Su-33 y Su-34. La verdad es que las alas con las que cuenta el kit no me gustaron del todo, en primer lugar son muy gruesas, y la forma no coincide del todo con las del avión real (la flecha del borde de fuga es lo mas obvio), es por eso que las he sustituído por las alas del Su-34 de Italeri (aunque también las he tenido que adelgazar), que coinciden perfectamente con los dibujos del Su-27 y Su-34 de las revistas Aviatsia i Vremia, aunque como tu mensionas tendré que hacer algunas correcciones al hacer el ensamble. Las unicas piezas del kit que he tomado son los slats (bordes de ataque) que he tenido que adelgazar. Magic Thank you very much for your words, i hope that you find something usefull for your build here!! :D Saludos Abraham
  13. Thanks for your words guys. Flankerman: Your help is unvaluable, thanks a lot for the tips!! ;) Pavel: Thank you very much for the pics, they are very usefull B) Here are the news about my build; as i wrote before i use the horizontal tail planes of the Italeri's Su-27 kit, i liked 'em because they are very thin and the size matchs very well with the A i V Magazine draws, i just added some styrene sheet to the tip and added some details as i do with the wing (with some artist´s licence ;)) the pieces aren't finished yet. Upper surface of the raight tail plane: And lower surface: I'm still don't know what is the best way to represent the static dischargers, any idea? Let me know your opinions. Saludos Abraham
  14. Rom: You can check here various options of war loads for your Su-27UB: http://www.airwar.ru/aweapon.html Unguided rockets: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/weapon/anur_data.html Bombs: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/weapon/ab_data.html I know that the Flanker C can carry all the "dumb" weapons, but i may be on a mistake, any way you can confirm on these files. Hope this is useful for you!
  15. Thank you my friends for all your comments. Yufei: thank you for your tip, i was clening the details with a needle and a brush, but i will try with you method Pavel: How did i ignore this!!??? , now i supose that i will build a hipothetic loaded one, because i like the look of a loaded war plane.... Are you talking about the hinges for the folding system? or about the curved zone where the slat meets the fuselage? i haven't finished the slat parts, so this is the moment to clear my mind... I have only a pair of pics of the prototype of th Su-27M, with higher fins with squared tip, and i wish to know if the basic structure of the fins is the same for the Su-27UB regardind the different humps, bumps and registers of each variants. I only found one set of draws that include the rivests details, they are from Poligon and you can find them here: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/su27.html They are of an early production batch example but the rivets are hard to see, so i use as main reference the pics of the real thing, like those ones: http://photoka.info/english.htm and the pics of the kagero book, but the subject of this book is an early production example too :D Again thank you very much for your help!! Tifon: Mucho gusto en saludarte!! La herramienta remachadora la construí con tubo y solera de latón de la marca K&S, piezas de repuesto para compás, aguja hipodérmica, engrane de un reloj de pulso y el mango lo hice a partir de una pieza de madera mas grande, en realidad no es muy complicada su construcción, aunque si lo consideras necesario con mucho gusto subiré un documento paso a paso para construir uno. Saludos Abraham
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