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  1. Back in 2017 when the "Boeing clause" was first floated it basically meant that sooner or later, the eventual pick would be the JSF. For a brief period in time I was starting to suspect the Eurofighter might be in with a chance given Airbus' increased involvement in Canadian manufacturing (it seems like they're constantly expanding their presence at YMX) it could have been a domestically built jet... but they withdrew it.
  2. Holy crap! 😲 SABLE: Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy Do you all live in exceedingly large houses? Or do you rent storage units? My "stash" is currently at a whopping 4 kits... and even those boxes are just sitting on my bookshelves, blocking access to the actual books. SWMBO would have a meltdown if I was trying to store anything beyond a dozen anywhere in our house. 😂
  3. Just finished the book myself... brilliant story of some amazing aviation history. If it was a fictional novel, or a Hollywood movie, you'd be rolling your eyes thinking "oh right, of course that just randomly happened" numerous times throughout the story. It gave me the itch to buy this new Vulcan kit as well... despite vowing never to build another large model. 😏
  4. I think this may very well be the first time I've felt comfortable enough with my work to post here. The kit is the AMK Kfir in 1/72, built OOB.
  5. Top Gear (the proper version) aired a tribute episode this week. It's available in the BBC player, or elsewhere online if you are so inclined to look. Clarkson, Hammond, and May returned for the episode.
  6. I haven't put a car model together since I was a kid, and back then they weren't much to look at. I usually got my dad to rattle can the body cause I was never too good at spraying things at the time. As an adult I've been doing aircraft since I got back into modeling. However, my son wanted to do some car builds, so he started working on one over the holidays. All good, until he got to the body prep & paint stage... Before he goes ahead and airbrushes it we wanted to make sure we know the steps to take to get that high quality, glossy finish. Sanding, buffing polis
  7. I genuinely hope AMK reissues this kit. I bought one back when it was first released and thoroughly enjoyed the build. I'd happily build another given the chance. Better still, I hope AMK scales down some of their 1/48th kits and releases them as 1/72nd kits. 👍
  8. My bottle is the same slightly yellowish hue, but I look at this way... that's basically a 1" thick cross-section of liquid. Sprayed on it would be a couple thousandths of an inch, and that yellow hue would never be perceptible. I dipped a canopy in that last year and once it dried there's zero indication of anything discolored.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I actually did a second layer of marbling after posting that shot... I felt the earlier comments were right, about seeing too many lines. The end result is below. I think I could have gone a tad lighter on the Dark Ghost Grey topcoat, but I was leary of how it would darken with the clear.
  10. It's actually grey... I think the contrast from the LED desk lap lightened it up a bit.
  11. I get what you're both saying. Thanks. I looked at the model when I woke up this morning and definitely saw where I could improve the marbling. Sleeping on it before moving to the next layer was the right choice. I'll probably do the same with each coat... I'd hate to go one step too far and have wasted all the time I spent trying to get it right.
  12. Making my first attempt at black basing, could use a little input. Also, this was done with a brand new Iwata HP-CS, so I'm learning that airbrush as well (holy cow, what an upgrade from an old Badger 360 I had)... I think the "marbling" looks decent, but I'm wondering if I should work it over with another layer of fine lines before moving on to the actual colors.
  13. When I ordered the paints I ordered their thinner as well... not the best option?
  14. Given the speed at which I produce models.... this should not be a problem. 😅
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