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  1. More F-35 aggressor pics: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/f-35-stealth-fighters-are-revolutionizing-the-usafs-aggressor-force They're only 2-tone grey, not 3-tone like the renders in the above vid.
  2. I got candy from Kolia. 😁 Four different types, six pieces total, of Roshen candies. Good stuff so far.
  3. My order from Plastic Model Store arrived this morning. Ordered April 28th Shipped May 17th (waited for restocked items) Arrived at my office June 20th. 👍 I'll have to open it up and check everything out later today, but the packaging is solid, so I see no reason to be concerned with anything on that front.
  4. And this week's episode is a new interview with "Ferg" who was the Navy's liaison for the filming: https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com/episodes/145-the-making-of-top-gun-maverick/
  5. I suppose those of you in Europe will likely already be aware of this: https://plastic-models-store.com/no-import-tax-from-ukraine
  6. Very Simple, Spoiler Free Review: Totally worth watching!! Just remember what they say on the Fighter Pilot Podcast, "It's a movie, not a documentary." If you loved TOPGUN, TG:M has plenty of Easter eggs, call-backs, fan service... (call it what you will). On that end, the movie delivered. However, it also totally stands on it's own! My son - 21 year old who isn't an avgeek of any kind - tagged along mostly because I invited him. Without ever having watched the first one, he still came out of the theatre buzzing.
  7. I pre-ordered tics for a Wednesday night early opening... a few years late, but we're finally (almost) there!!
  8. I'll echo what @ALF18 said. I was scrolling through Scalemates last month, looking at kits from ICM and noticed that one of their offerings was marked as "available" from Plastic-Model-Store.com The "Latest News" section of their website had recently been updated with a "We are opened!" blog... you can read it here: LINK So I placed an order for the kit I wanted, along with a couple of aftermarket bits, all from Ukrainian companies. When will I get the shipment? Dunno'. Doesn't matter. Heck I'll probably buy from them again.
  9. Former. He doesn't collect his paycheque from LM any more.
  10. Russians can't even successfully steal tractors... I'll take their claimed "ability" to track an F-35 with a grain of salt.
  11. I'll preface this question by stating I (until now) build in only 1/72nd scale, and strictly out-of-the-box except for sometimes aftermarket decals. I'm working on a jet now that came with a nice little brass photo-etch for the HUD mount, and the seatbelts... which has left me stumped. How do I work with PE? I've seen a few Youtube vids showing how to bend the angles, etc, which is fine... but the seatbelt situation seems a bit more, uh, fluid? Is there a specific way to bend/shape the belts so they appear to hang naturally on the ejection seat? And then what about pain
  12. Nice Hornets @phantom Seeing these 2 has got me jonesing to work on my 1/72 Academy kit.
  13. Anyone else think that vid looks an awful lot like the pilot hit the brakes when he realized the jet wasn't accelerating nearly as much as it should?
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