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  1. Sorry that it was so quiet here for that long time! Finally here is some good news: The Canopies are now done as vaku parts. It will take some more weeks to produce a small number of copies. I will let you know when I have them available for those who are interested! I also have new parts finished for Revell's Do-28. I will show some pictures in another thread. These parts include the Oil-Recon airplane from german navy. I will also need some time here to produce a small number of sets. So please stay tuned, I will help all of you who are interested in the sets... My other project, the
  2. Where can I buy this kit? And is there any chance to find it within the EU?
  3. You're right and wrong. The LDG bays are grey or white. The sandish color is because of a corrosion inhibiting compound applied onto the grey. It is called Dinitrol or Cor-Ban. This is used everywhere in aviation. So you may have to look for a KLM LDG bay picture for the right color.
  4. Nixe to see this old kit built. I also have one but not built. I also thought of doing a 1/72 Super Guppy by converting a C-97. But I still don't have enough references yet.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a Matchbox Mirage III B in 1/72. Can anyone help? Thanks Martin
  6. HaHen from Germany makes Decals for the old and newer sheme of the German Air Force if that would be interesting for you.
  7. Berkut, of course, but if you wish to built the model with landing gear and cockpit you also have to cut holes into the fuselage and the wings. So it must be possible. I used Humbrol Clearfix on a test window of the 707 and it looks really ok to me.
  8. I checked the Windows, for the TU-154 I can use the 707 Windows but have to stretch them in height. The IL-62 Windows are completely different. What about putting the masking tape for the windows on the fuselage, scribe around the windows and then use this scribed line to cut out each window. After that use Humbrol Clearfix or Microscale Crystal Clear?
  9. I will check the shape of the 707 windows. I started a conversion set to make a 707 out of the E-3 Awacs kit because the 707 isn't easy to find or too expensive. Maybe I can use these parts to make windows for the TU-154 and IL-62... Here is one of three resin parts for each fuselage half. The windows will be copies of the heller windows in clear resin and they fit well into these resin parts. Of course I will have to cut out the thin resin in the window wholes befor using the clear parts. Hope the window shape is similar enough for the HPH kits!
  10. Yes, the C-5B will be 1/72 and the C-5M will be 1/144.
  11. Amodel will do a C-5 in 1/72? I only know that they will make an AN-124 und AN-225...
  12. Jennings you are right, it is a lot of work and difficult to do! It was just an idea. Another idea would be making a metal plate like photo etched parts for one side of the fuselage where all windows are cut out. Then tape it onto the fuselage and cut out each window. So I think you could get exactly the same size for the windows. Ok then you would still need to find a solution to put in new clear windows...what about this clystal clear or Humbrol Clear Fix to do the small windows?
  13. http://www.anigrand.com/AA9001_C-5B.htm
  14. An idea would be to put on the window decals and then cut out the windows. Then fill the holes with clear plastic, but that is a lot of work!
  15. I have both the TU-154 and the IL-62. The kits are a bit better than the Amodel kits. In about six month they will release a TU-134 in 1/72...
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