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  1. DO IT! This aircraft is very popular and the kit would be much more popular if somebody fixed the width of the canopy parts, which is a major big time flaw. I bet you wouldn't be able to keep up with orders if you marketed a good product. Mark me down for your first sale if you do, since I have another kit. Cheers, Chuck
  2. Excellent job on a "Weird" kit as you mentioned. I spent over a year on the same kit, so I know all the flaws and your final product is exceptional. Congrat's! Cheers, Chuck
  3. As a 1/32 guy, I rarely look at 1/48 models and never 1/72. I'm, glad I did this time. This Tomcat is fantastic at any scale, but at 1/72 even more so. Big time "Wow! -and Congrat's for the close up pics to reveal any flaws, which are minimal. You should be very proud of this F-14 and you should be. Cheers, Chuck
  4. Thank you sir. I started modeling about 13 years ago and like everybody else, was not very good to start, but I still enjoyed the hobby immensely. Over time and practice- again like everybody else- I got better and better as I made every mistake possible. I still strive to make each model better than my last, but I'm starting to hit a bit of a wall now that I'm 65 years old and my sight and dexterity are not what they used to be. Here is my first model posted here at ARC in 2007 or so. Orange peel paint, silvered decals and likely crooked landing gear, but I was very proud of it. We all
  5. Curiously, the Alley Cat canopy is not corrected for width and from what I've seen, is thicker and not as clear as the kit parts, so I have no idea why one would buy it. Cheers, Chuck
  6. Yup. More pics here: The Display Case Cheers, Chuck
  7. Thanks Guys! Me too. This Hanger Queen is pretty clean these days. I also like dirty, when the subject should be dirty. Cheers, Chuck
  8. April 15/20 After about 4 ½ months of work, which is an a record short time for me, I’ve finished the Kitty Hawk T-6 Texan kit into a Canadian Harvard. This pandemic we find ourselves in provides plenty of motivation to model, especially when the weather is crappy outside, so I got a lot done the past 2 weeks. This Harvard Mk 4 is a museum bird that lives at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum near Hamilton, Ontario and as far as I know, it stills flies now and then. It was built at Canadian Car and Foundry in 1951 and served RCAF flying schools until it was purchased by a pri
  9. Chuck - Loved the write up in Fine Scale! 

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging responses. As I do at the end of every build, I write a magazine article on what I’d did directly from my WIP thread, which is one of the major reasons I do them in the first place. Reviewing this build from start to finish confirms that this kit is a real challenge to just put together and even more so to correct many panel lines and other details. Still, I’m pretty happy with the end result, which could never have been done with the old Hasegawa kit, so we modellers should be happy that this kit exists at all as a good platform to create a
  11. Thanks Guys! Thanks Dan, Although a struggle at times, the models I am most proud of are the difficult ones, like my Trumpeter A-10, P38, and now this Kitty Hawk kit. That’s also why you don’t see them very often! Since I always alternate between jets and props, my next challenge will be this one, slightly modified into a Canadian Harvard in yellow. This will be my first non-combat model ever, although it is obviously associated with same in its training role. I have already ordered a few after market kits and it’s my plan to super detail it.
  12. Thank you everyone! Generally speaking me neither. Having said that, this bird needed to be kept clean, as shown below. Thanks, Chuck
  13. DONE! I have posted pics of the finished model in the Display Case Forum here: 1/32 Kitty Hawk F-5E/N: "Kicked Up a Notch" Thank you everyone for your continued interest in this build. I really appreciate your comments and feedback over the past 9 months. Cheers, Chuck
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